cracking tutorial by zouzouni
Program location
Type of protection
Sales Agent 3.1.2 - time limit


Start the dreamweaver.exe ,press Buy now,enter registration info ,next,Card number 0000000000. At the communication method select mail/fax .Press next till you are again in the first page and press buy now
enter in the Unlocking Code a number lets put 12345 ,press control-D to enter softice and set a breakpoint at hmemcpy "bpx hmemcpy" and press "OK" softice will break press "F12" 9 times, till you are in the code of rsagnt32 if you press F10 6 times you will see cmp ecx,0A .0A means 10 in decimal if you see the value of ecx is 5 as many as the digits of your code, so lets put a 10 digit code 1234554321
press "F10" till you are here:
:10005FC8 686CA00210              push 1002A06C
:10005FCD 8D8D70FFFFFF            lea ecx, dword ptr [ebp+FFFFFF70]
:10005FD3 51                      push ecx

do a d ecx (dump the ecx memory) and the unlock code is there.
after that
put a serial number like "zouzouni"
thats all
the dreamweaver.tty is transformed into dreamweaver.exe
the serial number is in the hiden Brand.BKD file (this is realy stupid , isn't it ?)

Differences from the other versions of sales agent :
The serial number is kept into the Brand.BKD file ,this is decreasing the security level too match it should be at least encrypted and erased when I enter the correct unlock code.
The files Dreampop.tty it was Dreampop.exe in the previous versions (still can be executed if you change the extension)
The Dreamweaver.exe before the unlocking of the product is 208KB after that is errased and the dreamweaver.tty (5,1MB) is being patched and renamed into dreamweaver.exe so if you want to make a crack you should keep a backup of the dreamweaver.tty and check out the changes.
Antidebuging rutines added but are too weak almost nonexistant they add them in the dreampop.exe to make difficult to crack this protection using the old method (decriped at the AdobeImage Styler tutorial )

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