GoldView 4.12 Crack
Serial Crack by
DR Farohar 02/12/99

Well, my first "real" crack... Finally I found a program which was easy to reverse... My last try was Dreamweaver... try it and then decide if a newbie can crack it - I guess not.. Well, THIS ONE here is as easy as it can get...


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Ok, THIS TIME I CRACKED IT! *g* The reason might be that I'm broke, don't have martini and what is a lot worse -> no fags. That means I am pissed of and the program knew that ;) Another reason might be that it is really fuckin easy to crack this program... easier than cracking WinAmp *g*. It is actually so easy to crack that it is almost quite hard to crack because nobody believes it could be THAT easy and carries on and on ;) Even though it is that easy it took me a little while to reverse it, but only a little while - mainly because I dont wanted to look over anything as I use to do. THIS ONE IS REALLY GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!!! (Well, maybe not 'cause you crack it but you don't learn much ...)

Ok, here we go: What I did first was running QuickView on it. Garbage... I thought that I better forget cracking the program because if QuickView produces garbage what would all my other tools do? The same I thought... But then I remembered that QuickView was/is a M$ program and started WDASM. Bingo! What I had in front of me was a nice disassembly of Goldwave... The only thing I checked though was what functions Goldview imported (I hate working with dead code) and found a few interesting ones... I checked Goldview before and had found out that you had to enter your forename, your lastname and a password (your serial#). So it would propably copy the strings with hmemcpy and compare them with lstrcmp. And yes, I found those functions in the import table. So what do we do now? Action!

Fire up SoftIce and set a bpx on lstrcmp. (You dont need to set bpx's on hmemcpy but can do so if you want to check..) enter your name (I did DR and in the second box FAROHAR) and - yeah, SoftIce pops up. Well, a good cracker checks the registers and so did I and I found some strange thing in edi/esi -> FYTYHAA [remark: that is not the original string I found... that is to prevent lamer to simply enter my name and have a full version...] but I could not believe that it is that easy so I went on... mistake... yeah, you propably guess what I am gonna write right now: it IS the password!!! So get out of SIce and open the registration window again and enter the same name(s) and the pw you found -> you should have a regged version now. Now delete the whole thing and pay for the program ;) It has a nice voice removal feature... so if ya like to do karaoke *g*. This voice removal function is REALLY good, the best I've encountered... filters as much voice as possible and only a bit of the rest. Try it :)

You could go on and create a tool to calculate the serial for any given name but I leave that to you, first of all because I'm not really comfortable with that kind of stuff and secondly because why should some create a program like that if some does not spread his cracks? So don't let the dark side of the force ...

Finally I found a reason to like Lager! Well, Im used to german beer and anybody who ever drunk (SP?) german beer will spit out Lager... but take a german beer, open it and leave it like that for 3 days - then do the same with a Lager... the german beer will taste aweful, the Lager exactly like it tasted before ;)

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