or, "the data dump trick"
by PlasMa

And here is a little essay that explains well the "data dump" trick: learn it and cracking this kind of silly protections will become VEEEERY EASY! This "step by step" essay is quite useful IMHO, and in this case it is provided with very detailed infos about what's going on... learn this technique and start to write your own essays! :)
by PlasMa

 1) Run Caselinr and select File|Registration

 2) Call WinIce with CTRL+D and write
     "BPX getdlgitemtexta"
    [This means "breakpoint the command GETDLGITEMTEXTA on execution". In
     this way, the program will break when the function getdlgitemtexta is

 3) Exit Winice with CTRL+D

 4) Write your name in the box "User Name" and "AAA" in the box "User Key",
    then press on the "OK" button.

 5) SoftIce will break the prog. Write
     "d ECX"
    and you'll see some junk characters.
    [d ecx means "dump the memory at ecx address": as you'll see, the address
     contained in ecx register is the address of the string containing your

 6) Press F11 to exit the procedure getdlgitemtexta: you'll see your name in
    the data window!
    [the procedure getdlgitemtexta is used to retrieve the text from the
     "name" text box contained in the dialog window]

 7) Press CTRL+D: SoftIce will break the prog again. Press F11 to exit the
    getdlgitemtexta proc
    [this time the procedure getdlgitemtexta is used to retrieve the text
     from the "password" text box]

 8) Now write
    and scroll down some lines until you find "AAA" string in the data window
    [of course, you can scroll down the data window in other ways :)]

 9) Write
     "BPM address RW"
    where "address" is the address of the first of the three "A"
    [this means: "interrupt the program when it accesses the memory location
     of the password to Read or Write it". BPM, in fact, means "BreakPoint
     on Memory location"]

10) Press CTRL+D: SoftIce will break the prog again. Write
     "D EAX"
    [Dump EAX lets you see the memory from the address contained in EAX
     register: here you can find the right key! If you look at the code, you
     can see there is a comparison between the right key and the one you've
     inserted before]

 YOUR KEY IS THERE!!! :)) Write it down and Caselinr 5.6 will be registered
 with your name... Easy, isn't it?



(c) PlasMa 1998.
WARNING: this tutorial is published for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only! Nobody except you is responsible for what you do with the things you read here. Also, if you intend to use shareware programs for a period longer than the allowed one remember that you have to BUY them!