Title: NeatPad 2.0


                          URL: http://neatpad.hypermart.net


                          Type: Serial


                          Difficulty: Beginner




What is NeatPad?

First of all, it's very flexible and powerful text editor. Why would you need another text editor? Because NeatPad has everything you could possibly want at your fingertips to design a web page!
It was created for editing text, or ASCII, files. These files contain no images or special formatting, just like the content of a .html file.

NeatPad has some awesome features, which include:

·  Built-in FTP Uploader for your web files (images and html files)

·  Program Launcher, to keep all your important programs at your fingertips

·  HTML Highlight, which turns HTML tags red so they stand out

·  Explorer-looking file tree, for quickly switching between files

·  "View in Browser", a feature that saves the HTML document you're working on and shows it to you on a web page

·  Favorites Folder for files you regularly access

·  Built-in Notebook that allows you to keep notes to yourself while working on a project

·  Multiple File Replace, which makes changes to an entire group of files for you

·  URL Catcher, which allows you to surf and create a web page of the sites you really like

·  Unlimited File Size; no more "this file is too big for notepad to open..."

·  Quick insert tags, for the HTML tags you use the most

·  And, most importantly, it's SMALL and FAST! There is no pause to wait until a file is opened!

·  - And more...

·  NeatPad will quickly become your Notepad replacement, as you begin to fall in love with its quick-access features. Also, you can easily associate NotePad with different file types.

·  NeatPad's motto is "what you want is what you get." This is because the text remains just as you type it. NeatPad doesn't add any of its own special formatting to your text. Other HTML editors, such as FrontPage, are "what you see is what you get," since they might make your web page, but they add a whole bunch of HTML code to the document that it doesn't even need. Other HTML editors can also cause counters, banners, etc. to not work. Perhaps you've had these problems yourself. This won't happen to you if you write the code yourself using NeatPad!




Half a brain


Before we start, It has to be said that the protection on this program is awful! It took all of  20 seconds to find the real serial, hence the shortness of this tutorial.

OK, first we need to find where we enter our registration code that we have purchased from the authors! So, start-up the program, and we instantly see that it isn’t in our usual help menu. If we have a look around, we will find it in our File/Preferences option.

The next thing you should notice, is that your username is already there, and cannot be changed. (It uses the username that you give when you installed windows!). 


So now, to the job in hand, finding our real serial! Enter any old serial number into the registration box, and before you hit OK, bring up your debugger window. As usual we will be setting our breakpoint on the HMEMCPY function. So, in our debugger window we set the breakpoint by typing;


:bpx hmemcpy


This will cause the program to break when something is written to memory. Now, close your debugger window (you should know how to do this by now!), and hit the ok button on our registration box. Bang! Up pops our debugger window. So firstly clear all breakpoints that have been set by typing bc ( or bc* if your using Softice ), and you will notice that the breakpoint we set on hmemcpy has broken the program at KernelHmemcpy. We don’t want to be here, so we need to trace through the Kernel, User, and Kernel32 code before we are inside our program code. Trace through the code, using F10, until you get to the following;


0187:0047D220     CALL                00420034

0187:0047D225     MOV                 EAX, [EBP-14]                     < Move our fake serial into EAX

0187:0047D228     MOV                 EDX, [0049BD40]              < Move the real serial into EDX  ----------------------------Type D EAX to display fake serial.                                        

0187:0047D22E     CALL                 00403E54                          < Compare real serial against fake serial  --------------------Type D EDX to see real serial.

0187:0047D233      JNZ                  0047D241                          < If serials are different, jump to “Bad Cracker”, if same carry on to “Good Boy”


So, you should have written down the values displayed when we dumped the contents of the EDX register to the screen, and now is the moment of truth. Close down your debugger, and enter the values that you wrote down a few seconds earlier into the registration box, which in my case is;


Right! Hit the OK button, and what do we see?


YES!! Our job is done! If we do as asked, and restart the program, and go back to the Files/Preferences section where we entered our registration information, we now see the following;


See! I told you the protection on this program was terrible!!




The guys at TRES2000 for giving me a chance

[T]urb0z` - You know why!

DaZZler + the Little OnE - For being ACE

Lee + Sarah - The best!

All the other ppl that have helped me through life!




The information in this essay is for educational purpose only!
You are only allow to crack, reverse engineer, modify code and debug programs that you legaly bought and then for personal use only!!
To ignore this warning is a criminal act and can result in lawful actions!

So please note!
I take no responsibility for how you use the information in this essay, i take NO responsibility for what might happen to you or your computer!
You use this information on your own risk!!

What I mean is: Please buy the software!