How to find the real serial 

Genius v3.1

a Cracking tutorial By Nemesis] TNT


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About The Program

One of the great things about being a programmer is the ability to create your own tools. If you want to download the entire archives of Sluggy Freelance to a folder on your computer, you can do that. The downside to this is that you spend 30 minutes making a program to do a 15 minute task. The next time you need the tool, though, it's there.

That is basically how Genius started: I had things I needed to do, so I made tools. I got sick of looking for my tools, so I put them all in one big program. The very first version of Genius was an obscenely-named collection of internet tools that I gave to a few friends. I decided to soup it up and expand its user base, so, in a fit of whimsy, I named it Genius and released it. That was v1.0.

2.0 followed, which was a total rewrite, and 2.5 came after that, then 2.6 and 2.7. I then rewrote most of the code and the result is the software you're using now: Genius 3.1.


Homepage :
Size : 1.89mb

Tool: numega Softice 4.5 [can be download at

HOW TO GET VALID SERIAL NUMBER for your name By Using [Softice]

lets get started run  Genius now enter your name email and serial before you click register what we have to do is ctrl D bring softice , now we should put breakpoint like this bpx hmemcpy and enter press F5 to get out off softice, now click register what happen!! back to softice, now lets search for real serial ;-) ok press F5 3times F12 12 times until we land at this address below, now press F10 to go down to the call

00664DB7        mov         edx , [ebp-18] <------ we land here at this address

00664DBA       pop         eax

00664DBB       call           004041CC

00664DC0       mov          eax , [ebp-14]

00664DC3       lea            edx , [ebp-10]

00664dC6        call           0066A240

00664DCB       mov          edx , [ebp-10]

00664DCE       pop           eax <--------------- type d edx to find the serial



now remember the serial you have fond enter it and is registered !

easy or ??? the program is registered  ;-) hope you find it useful ?


Special Thanks go to All [TNT MEMBERS] Keep it Real guys.