Cracking Tutorial for 3DMark 99

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Target Program: 3DMark 99 (Build 100)
Description: 3DMark 99 is a benchmark that focuses on testing 3D performance of modern 3D accelerators in a "real world" environment. As most users will use their 3D accelerator for playing games, so 3DMark focuses on this type of application of the majority of it’s results.
In order to deliver the best possible testing methodologies Futuremark Corporation has worked closely with game companies, ISV’s, publishers and manufacturers to establish the target performance that will be required in Q1/2 ’99.
If you prefer a FTP-Search, look for 3DMARK99.EXE (16152451 Bytes).
Protection: User Name / Registration Code
Tools needed: - SoftICE 3.24
Ob duh: Do I really have to remind you all that by BUYING and NOT stealing the software you use will ensure that these software houses will continue to produce even *better* software for us to use and more importantly, to continue offering even more challenges to breaking their often weak protection systems.
BTW, It's illegal to use cracked Software!

If you're looking for cracks or serial numbers from these pages then your wasting your time, try to search elsewhere on the Web under Warez, Cracks, etc.
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Level: (X)Beginner ( )Intermediate ( )Advanced ( )Expert

Well, the first thing I recognized after executing 3DMark 99 was it's window title: "3DMark 99 Lite". So it seems to be function disabled, if you haven't registerd it (you may also read this info in the help files). So click on Register, Register 3DMark. Now a dialog box with a input field for your User Name and a input field for your Registration Code get's displayed. So enter "cRACKING tUTORIAL" as User Name and "12345-67890" as Registration Code. Now enter SoftICE by pressing CTRL-D and set a BPX to HMEMCPY. Then leave SoftICE and press the "OK"-Button. SoftICE will now pop up. Since there were two input fields, we can leave SoftICE, because it will pop up again. So do this now. As SoftICE poped up again, press F12 (about 8 times), until you get the following code snippet, which is BTW located in MFC42.DLL:
   :5F415185  FF1574054D5F        CALL    [USER32!GetWindowTextA]
   :5F41518B  8B4D10              MOV     ECX,[EBP+10]
   :5F41518E  6AFF                PUSH    FF
   :5F415190  E826D7FEFF          CALL    5F4028BB
   :5F415195  5F                  POP     EDI
   :5F415196  5E                  POP     ESI
   :5F415197  5D                  POP     EBP
   :5F415198  C20C00              RET     000C

As you see at 5F415185, we could also have set a BPX to GetWindowTextA. But why shouldn't we prepare ourself for the day, when there are (hopefully) no lame programmers, who will use GetWindowTextA left? Better to 'practice' using HMEMCPY now, isn't it? Ok. Now press F10 until you've executed the "RET 000C" instruction. Now you'll be looking at the following code snippet:

   :00405BA6  5F                   POP    EDI
   :00405BA7  5E                   POP    ESI
   :00405BA8  C20400               RET    0004

Since there's nothing interesting here, press F12. Now you'll be looking at the following code snippet:

   :5F4030F5  C7450801000000      MOV     DWORD PTR [EBP+08],00000001
   :5F4030FC  8B45E8              MOV     EAX,[EBP-18]
   :5F4030FF  8B4DF4              MOV     ECX,[EBP-0C]
   :5F403102  8987B8000000        MOV     [EDI+000000B8],EAX
   :5F403108  8B4508              MOV     EAX,[EBP+08]
   :5F40310B  5F                  POP     EDI
   :5F40310C  5E                  POP     ESI
   :5F40310D  64890D00000000      MOV     FS:[00000000],ECX
   :5F403114  5B                  POP     EBX
   :5F403115  C9                  LEAVE
   :5F403116  C20400              RET     0004

This code is located in MFC42.DLL again, so it's absolutely useless for us. So we need to press F12 again. After you did this, you'll be confrontated with the following code snippet:

   :00405C87  E856E30800          CALL    00493FE2
   :00405C8C  8B4F64              MOV     ECX,[EDI+64]
   :00405C8F  8B41F8              MOV     EAX,[ECX-08]
   :00405C92  85C0                TEST    EAX,EAX
   :00405C94  0F8493000000        JZ      00405D2D
   :00405C9A  8B4760              MOV     EAX,[EDI+60]
   :00405C9D  8B40F8              MOV     EAX,[EAX-08]
   :00405CA0  85C0                TEST    EAX,EAX
   :00405CA2  0F8485000000        JZ      00405D2D
   :00405CA8  83F811              CMP     EAX,11
   :00405CAB  741D                JZ      00405CCA
   :00405CAD  6A00                PUSH    00
   :00405CAF  6A00                PUSH    00
   :00405CB1  689EF00000          PUSH    0000F09E
   :00405CB6  B950D44B00          MOV     ECX,004BD450
   :00405CBB  E8E04E0400          CALL    0044ABA0
   :00405CC0  50                  PUSH    EAX
   :00405CC1  E8D4E20800          CALL    00493F9A
   :00405CC6  5F                  POP     EDI
   :00405CC7  5E                  POP     ESI
   :00405CC8  5B                  POP     EBX
   :00405CC9  C3                  RET

At 405C8C, ECX, will be assigned our User Name. Then at 405C8F, EAX will be assigned the length of our User Name. After that it's checked if we have enterd something as our User Name. If this isn't the case, we'll jump to 405D2D ("Incorrect registration information"). At 405C9A, EAX will be assigned our Registration Code. Then at 405C9D, EAX will be assigned the length of our Registration Code. After that it's checked if we have enterd something as our Registration Code. If this isn't the case, we'll jump to 405D2D ("Incorrect registration information"). There's another check of EAX. It is checked, if EAX is 11h, which means 17 dec - so our Registration Code must be 17 chars long.
So exit WinICE and re-enter our registration code. Now enter "1234567890-ABCDEF" as Registration Code and do the same what you've done before you found out this - until you've executed that JZ instruction at 405CAB. Now you'll be looking at the following code snippet:

   :00405CCA  E8D1FBFFFF          CALL    004058A0
   :00405CCF  8B7760              MOV     ESI,[EDI+60]
   :00405CD2  8A10                MOV     DL,[EAX]
   :00405CD4  8A1E                MOV     BL,[ESI]
   :00405CD6  8ACA                MOV     CL,DL
   :00405CD8  3AD3                CMP     DL,BL
   :00405CDA  751E                JNZ     00405CFA
   :00405CDC  84C9                TEST    CL,CL
   :00405CDE  7416                JZ      00405CF6
   :00405CE0  8A5001              MOV     DL,[EAX+01]
   :00405CE3  8A5E01              MOV     BL,[ESI+01]
   :00405CE6  8ACA                MOV     CL,DL
   :00405CE8  3AD3                CMP     DL,BL
   :00405CEA  750E                JNZ     00405CFA
   :00405CEC  83C002              ADD     EAX,02
   :00405CEF  83C602              ADD     ESI,02
   :00405CF2  84C9                TEST    CL,CL
   :00405CF4  75DC                JNZ     00405DD2
   :00405CF6  33C0                XOR     EAX,EAX
   :00405CF8  EB05                JMP     00405CFF
   :00405CFA  1BC0                SBB     EAX,EAX
   :00405CFC  83D8FF              SBB     EAX,-01
   :00405CFF  85C0                TEST    EAX,EAX
   :00405D01  750D                JNZ     00405D10
   :00405D03  6A01                PUSH    01
   :00405D05  8BCF                MOV     ECX,EDI
   :00405D07  E8CAE20800          CALL    00493FD6
   :00405D0C  5F                  POP     EDI
   :00405D0D  5E                  POP     ESI
   :00405D0E  5B                  POP     EBX
   :00405D0F  C3                  RET

At 405CD2, DL will be assigned the first character which is contained in EAX; at 405CD4, BL will be assigned the first character contained in ESI. Then at 405CD8 DL and BL are compared. So what's contained in EAX and ESI?
After a quick dump of EAX (D EAX) and ESI (D ESI), you'll recognize that EAX contains "4YGHK-NDZFV-D6H9S", a 17 character long Registration Code. Just check ESI and you'll see the fake Registration Code, "1234567890-ABCDEF". BTW, the Registration Code is calculated of your User Name AND InstallationD (a value, which was calculated during the installation and stored in your registry). All registration details are stored at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Futuremark Corporation/3DMark Registration" in your Windows registry. I've changed my InstallD of course. My InstallD for this tutorial was "1234567890".

Another target has been Reverse Engineerd. Do you have any questions?

If you're USING 3D Mark 99 BEYOND it's FREE TRIAL PERIOD, then please BUY IT.

Coders from 3DMark: You should recalculate and check the InstallD every time 3DMark is executed.

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