Cracking Tutorial for File Shredder 2.5

Target Program: File Shredder 2.5
Description: File Shredder for Windows 95/NT is a small utility that will completely erase the contents of sensitive files and entire folders that you specify. Normal file deletion only removes a file’s directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on your disk drive. File Shredder completely overwrites the contents of a file and then deletes it.
Protection: User Name & Organization & Registration Nr.
Tools needed: - SoftICE 3.24
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I don't know why a anyone should request a tutorial for File Shredder 2.5 - but I got a request. As I looked at File Shredder I thought this was a joke - I asked the guy - but unfortunately it was no; so anyone who can't crack this easy protection may read this tut - BTW, I think Gregory Braun protects all his GREAT programs that way! Now let's start our Cracking Session.
Go to the registration tab and enter "cRACKiNG tUT0RiAL" as User Name, "N/A" as Organization and "12345" as Reg #. After that enter SoftICE and set a BPX to HMEMCPY. Then press the "OK"-Button. Since there were three input fields, we can skip the first two ones. So as SoftICE pops up press CTRL-D (two times). Then just press F12 about 9 times - now you'll be looking at the following code snippet:
   :00401450    CMP     BYTE PTR [ESP+10],00     ; Reg # enterd?
   :00401455    JZ      0040150E
   :0040145B    CMP     BYTE PTR [EDI],00        ; User Name enterd?
   :0040145E    JNZ     00401469                 ; If enterd JMP
   :00401460    CMP     EDI,-32
   :00401463    JZ      0040150E
   :00401469    LEA     EAX,[ESP+10]
   :0040146D    PUSH    EAX
   :0040146E    CALL    00408890
   :00401473    ADD     ESP,04
   :00401476    MOV     EBX,EAX
   :00401478    PUSH    00414094                 ; "Gregory Braun"
   :0040147D    PUSH    EDI                      ; "cRACKiNG tUT0RiAL"
   :0040147E    CALL    [KERNEL32!lstrcmp]       ; compare them
   :00401484    TEST    EAX,EAX
   :00401486    JNZ     004014AC
   :00401488    PUSH    00414080                 ; "Software By Design"
   :0040148D    PUSH    EBP                      ; "N/A"
   :0040148E    CALL    [KERNEL32!lstrcmp]       ; compare them
   :00401494    TEST    EAX,EAX
   :00401496    JNZ     004014AC
   :00401498    CMP     EBX,0000038D
   :0040149E    JNZ     004014AC
   :004014A0    PUSH    EBP
   :004014A1    PUSH    EDI
   :004014A2    CALL    00403500
   :004014A7    ADD     ESP,08
   :004014AA    MOV     EBX,EAX
   :004014AC    PUSH    EBP                      ; "N/A"
   :004014AD    PUSH    EDI                      ; "cRACKiNG tUT0RiAL"
   :004014AE    CALL    00403500                 ; calculate real code
   :004014B3    ADD     ESP,08
   :004014B6    CMP     EAX,EBX                  ; compare real & fake code
   :004014B8    JZ      004014D8                 ; JMP if Reg # is ok

So you just have to do a "? EAX" at 4014B6 in SoftICE and you get the real code - the fake code is stored in EBX.You should know how to crack File Shredder 2.5 now.
Another target has been Reverse Engineerd. Any questions?


If you're USING File Shredder 2.5 BEYOND it's FREE TRIAL PERIOD, then please BUY IT.

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