WinFax Pro v9.0
Addition to the Symantec collection
Written by McCodEMaN


Greetings and welcome to the noble art of reverse engineering!

This is not a real essay, it`s more like an addition to the Symantec collection!
WinFaxPro however is one of the best fax programs ever made, so if you need a fax prog.
try WinFaxPro 9.0

As you all know if you read the other essays, symantec ain`t really protecting their software, it`s easy and quite boring to crack them...

Well, know what to do!,..right?...SoftIce => serial!

Tools required

Numega softice v3.24

Target's URL



Step1  Run the program and you will get a nag telling you that this is a trial and etc.

Step2  Press 'b' and you will get the regform.
           Note! If you have a norton product registred you might get the 'Unlocking window'.

Step3  Ok, now press [cancel] and leave winfax.exe.
           Goto C:\windows\rsagent.ini and change 'mailstat=0' to 'mailstat=1' then save and exit!

Step4  Run winfaxpro.exe again and press 'b', type in firstname, lastname and a dummyserial.

Step5  Start SoftIce and place a bp on BPX GetDlgItemTextA, return to winfax and press [OK]
           and Softice breaks due to USER32! GetDlgItemTextA

Step7  Press 'F11'

Step8  Now trace down to.........

              :10005713      8D8C24D8000000        LEA      ECX , [ESP+000000D8] <= load eff.                                                                                                                                address offset.

           If you dump => Valid serial!

Step9  And at..........

               :1000571A      68400F0310                 PUSH    10030F40 => Your dummy serial!
               :1000571F       51                               PUSH     ECX => Saves valid serial!

                                                              THE END


Final Notes

When ever there is a door,
there is an entrance.
And behind an entrance can no secret hide,
when a cracker takes his knowledge for a ride


The information in this essay is for educational purpose only!
You are only allow tocrack, reverse engineer, modify code and debugg programs that you legaly bought andthen for personal use only!!
To ignore this warning is a criminell act and can result in lawful actions!

So please note!
I take no responebility for how you use the information in this essay, i take NO responebility for what might happen to you or your computer! You use this information on your own risk!!

What i mean is: Please buy the software!


Essay written by McCodEMaN ŠTRES2000. All Rights Reserved.

rl-d. Set a breakpoint on GetwindowTextA. eg:-