July 1998
"CCZip 3.12.01.Pro"
Win Code Reversing
by Lownoise 
Code Reversing For Beginners 
Program Details
Program Name: CCZip 3.12.01.Pro
Program Type:Zip Utill
Program Location: Here 
Program Size: 806K 
Tools Used:
W32Dasm V8.9 - Disassembler
Softice V3.2 - Debugger
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There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
CCZip 3.12.01.pro
Written by Lownoise
The author says:

CCZip is a ZIP/UNZIP utility developed for use in Windows 95 / NT, that allows you to Build and extract files from ZIPs, Castillo CCZip is 100% PKZIP compatible.

About this protection system
This program is protected by Intellisecure R2 Trialware Lock
Intellisecure is a window$ 95/98/NT program which will be attached to your program.
If you download the freeware version of Intellisecure you can see how the programs works. CCZip is protected with the option create dll

The author about Intellisecure r2
Intellisecure defeats softice/sourcer/w32dasm and most other popular disassemble software
The Essay 
Once I installed the program i fired w32dasm up to get a dead listing of the Intellisecure r2 dll (isr2.dll is found in the same directory as the program itself).

Well,Well,Well look at the String data Resource and you will find "012-345-678-901-010-101-010-101"  Seems to me a nice serial number.

Now follow these steps:-

1. Start CCZip and got to Unlock Software
2. Enter any name (must be 5 characters), and a serial number
3. Press the unlock Application button
A message will appear that says your code must be 8 groups (3 digits in each group) separated by dashes
Now look at the code we found in the dead listing of the dll, Seems to be correct.

4. Enter the 012-345 etc code in the application and try again, and you'll see it's registered now
The 'Crack' 
None required..
Final Notes 
Intellisecure R2 is a nice program but if you choose to protect your program with it then don't rely on it stopping anyone from cracking your programs.
My thanks and gratitude goes to:-
Fravia+ for providing possibly the greatest source of Reverse Engineering
knowledge on the Web.
Dr Karma who Gives me this Stupid piece of coding
Ob Duh 
Do I really have to remind you all that by buying and NOT stealing the software you use will ensure that these software houses will continue to  produce even *better* software for us to use and more importantly, to continue offering even more challenges to breaking their often weak protection systems.
If your looking for cracks or serial numbers from these pages then your wasting your time, try searching elsewhere on the Web under Warze, Cracks etc.

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Essay by:          Lownoise
Page Created: 29th July 1998