GoalPro 5.0

Written by anTiHerO



GoalPro™ is a software-based success system designed to guide you through the process of defining, tracking, maintaining, and achieving your definition of success. Using GoalPro™ you will easily define your definition of success, and then proceed to develop an action plan to ensure its achievement. GoalPro™ helps to ensure your planned daily events ultimately lead to the achievement of your success.


Tools required


Numega SmartCheck

Half a brain


Target's URL






First-off, I would expect a better protected piece of software if I was going to pay $90 for it! But then again, it is written in Visual Basic 6, which makes our job somewhat easier. If you need a good explanation on how to reverse VB programs, I suggest reading Razzia's infamous tutorial, as it says more than I ever could!

 I'm  assuming you already know how to set up and use Smartcheck, so lets go to work!

Run Smartcheck, load-up our target, and we are greeted by a nag screen telling us we are not registered, and how many days we have left before our trial expires. If we click the register button, we are greeted with the following;



Great stuff! It already gives us the first half of the serial! I just filled in the second half as follows;



If we then click the OK button, we see the dreaded msg box;



But that's OK! Because Smartcheck has already done all our work for us! Close down GoalPro, concentrate on Smartcheck, and you should be looking at;



Expand the load symbol by clicking on the + icon next to it, and scroll down until you reach;



Notice the " 653753674 " in brackets? Thats the first part of our serial! So dare we think that the _Click function underneath could have something to do with us clicking on the OK button after we have filled out the second part of our registration box? Lets expand it and find out!



What do we have here?!? This looks suspiciously like it could be the second part of our real serial! Lets try it out! Re-open our target , click register, and enter our new found information into the registration box as follows;



Now, the moment of truth! Hit the OK button and what do we see?



HeHe, JOB DONE!!!! I, like many people initially had a distinct fear of tackling VB programs, but as you can see, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of!



Final Notes

Pat yourself on the back, grab a beer and a cigar, and relax, safe in the knowledge that you just learnt something usefull!!


My Greetz Goes to:

[T]urb0z – For introducing me to these infernal machines

The TRES2000 Crew
My mum

When ever there is a door,
there is an entrance.
And behind an entrance can no secret hide,
when a cracker takes his knowledge for a ride



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What i mean is: Please buy the software!

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