Power Defrag PRO v2.0
Visual Basic 6
Written by anTiHerO



Protection: Registration ( Lite version becomes Pro version once registration is accepted)

About: Power Defrag 2.00 runs in one of two modes.

*Power Defrag 2.00 Lite is a system tool designed to optimize the performance of the Windows 95, 98, 98 SE and ME Disk Defragmenter applet.

*Many people have experienced problems with the performance of the Windows 98 Disk Defragmenter, especially on slower and low memory machines. Some systems lock up entirely, while most take an inordinate amount of time to completely defragment the hard disk drive.

*Power Defrag elimPower Defrag 2.00 Lite is freeware and can be redistributed freely as long as it is neither modified nor sold.

*Power Defrag 2.00 Pro is licensed shareware which supports identical defrag functionality to Power Defrag 2.00 Lite, but includes additional functions which optimize the way in which the Microsoft Scandisk applet runs and some registry maintenance tools.inates these problems, and by some cunning system manipulation, ensures that your hard drive is defragmented optimally at your convenience.


Tools required

 Numega Smartcheck
 Half a brain

Target's URL






OK, shall we begin? This is the first time I have tried reversing visual basic using Smartcheck, because I thought it would be super-difficult, but how wrong could I be? It was just soooooo easy! I don’t know if I was lucky, and my first target has lame protection or not, but here goes!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, we need to run smartcheck. Once we have done this, we need to fire-up the target program, so open our target from within smartcheck then select Program/Start and we should find that the powerdefrag has booted up. Go to the registration box located in the Help menu. Right! The first thing I noticed, was that the not-so-clever programmers already give you the format of the correct serial number!;

Bit silly of them! Now we know what to look for! OK, now we need to fill in the empty boxes, so why not use the serial number that they show as an example? I used;

Name: anTiHerO

Key:    A1A1A-B2B2B-C3C3C-D4D4D-E5E5E

Smartcheck doesn’t require us to set any breakpoints, so we just hit the ok button! When we have seen the Bad Cracker message, our job is already done! We just need to find where the real serial is. In smart check, you should be looking at the following;

Even though I had never used smartcheck before, I took a gamble and expanded the _Click option, and ended up looking at the following information;

From this point, it only took me about another 20 seconds to find the real serial! Its probably just a case of beginners luck! Ok, if we click on each item in the list, we see references to our username. Looking at the scrollbar I could see that it would take me some time to check every one, so I decided to try something! I scrolled down to the bottom of the list, and within a few clicks I found something that looks suspiciously like a real serial number! So, scroll down to the end of the list, and select the following;

Well, what do we have here? Eye-spy something that looks a bit like a serial number, and the fact that it has the serial number format underneath ( 5 lots of 5 digits separated by dashes ), makes me feel even more optimistic! We are nearly done, so go back to the registration box in our target program and enter our name and suspect code we just found, like so;

Ok, the moment of truth! Hit the OK button, and what do we see?

Superb! Job done! I know that I should be looking through everything so as to learn a bit more about VB, but I just had a hunch and it worked! So there is no more fear where VB programs are concerned! BRING EM ON!!!!!

Final Notes

Pat yourself on the back, grab a beer and a cigar, and relax, safe in the knowledge that you just learnt something usefull!!

My Greetz Goes to:

[T]urb0z – For introducing me to these infernal machines

The TRES2000 Crew
My mum

When ever there is a door,
there is an entrance.
And behind an entrance can no secret hide,
when a cracker takes his knowledge for a ride



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