ButtonWiz 4.0
VB 5
Written by SpeedRippeR


--------SpeedRippeR signing on.....

The time has come to put my notes into tuts and this is the first one!
After all the hard work as webmaster this will be a blast.. heh!
ButtonWiz is the simple way to create graphical buttons for use in programs,
documents, and web pages.
That is if you ask the makers of this app, me I dont know and I dont care!

Let us proceed and use the app for our purpose.

Tools required

Smartcheck 6.0 +

Target's URL

He how seeks shall find!


Fire up smartcheck and open Button.exe, if you need help with the smartcheck settings you
can check out McCodEMaN:s vb tuts.

Press "run"!
A nag pops up and lets you know how many days you got left, press "OK" to keep loading.
When fully loaded press "Registration" and "Password", key in some numbers thats easy to
remember and hit "OK".
A new nag pops up and this time it lets you know that the password was incorrect, heh as if we
needed to know that, anyway now you can hit "End" in smartcheck.

In smartcheck go to "cmdPassword_Click" then step into "BWProt.GetPassword"

*InputBox <---------go to this line

Let smartcheck show you all events and this is what you get:


_vbaVarMove ret dword: 64ee2c <-----your password



_vbaVarTstEq ret dword: 0 <-----your password

_vbaStrCopy ret dword: 425f28 <-----real password

_vbaVarTstEq ret dword: 0 <----your password

_vbaFreeVar ret dword: 20
             ----SysFreeString <----real password.

The registation is saved in:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\BWProt\Reg

fRC= "True" <----Registration Ok.
fSD= "year-mon.-day" <---Install date.

As you see, it's no sweat to crack VB when you are using tools like smartcheck.

--------SpeedRippeR signing off.....

Final Notes

My Greetz Goes to:

Everyone in TRES2000
Everyone in Immortal Descendants

When ever there is a door,
there is an entrance.
And behind an entrance can no secret hide,
when a cracker takes his knowledge for a ride


The information in this essay is for educational purpose only!
You are only allow to crack, reverse engineer, modify code and debugg programs that you legaly bought and then for personal use only!!
To ignore this warning is a criminell act and can result in lawful actions!

So please note!
I take no responebility for how you use the information in this essay, i take NO responebility for what might happen to you or your computer!
You use this information on your own risk!!

What i mean is: Please buy the software!

Essay written by SpeedRippeR ŠTRES2000. All Rights Reserved.