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#7  Tutorial


For Hellforge

This Text Are Only Ment To Edcucational Purpose And Not To Be Used Illegaly, I Take No Response For Illegal Use Of This Text. Move On On Your Risc.

Athour Information
Age 17
Web Page
Date Febuary 2K
Member in Hellforge Flying Horse Cracking Force
Groups Web Page Hellforge Login FHCF Login


Program Infromation
Name Stopp'em 2.0
Size 137KB (Only the exe filer)
Athour Jelsoft enterprises
Where to Downlaod
Tools used Smart Check Downlaod At
1. Player Tools
2. Programmer Tools
What kind of a program Crackme Shareware
Skill Easy Not so easy Hard X-pert


Information about the Protection I

This program got one name and serial fiels.

Before we start

You myst have some knowlegde on Smart Check and configured it. I wont tell you on how to do that stuff. Eternal Bliss have one good SC tutorial, goto the crackme website.

The Process

Open stopem.exe in Smart Check and i hope thet you have configured it correct.
before we run the program, make view stand on "Show Errors and spef..."
Run the program and click on register.
I entred this
Name:    Acid_Cool_178
Code:    2951

And "OK"
Now when you are gettin the message that the code was wrong, stop smart check.
goto cmdRegister_click-->>cmdOK_click
Now, "view-->Show all events." On cmdOK.Click so go to the button og the code. and 8 lines above can i see __vbaStrCmp
and there are our code.It's comparing our code 2951 with the real code W9mrj7xxujjjj
Close Smart Check and start stopp'em and fill in
Name:         Acid_Cool_178
Code:           W9mrj7xxujjjj

And it's registered :)


Well, this was a Smart Check essay, I'm not good in writting and explaining so....


LaZaRuS, Wajid, Borna Janes, ManKind, Eddie Van Camper, ACiD BuRN, KoRnFLeX, Eternal_Bliss, Potsmoke, DiABLO. Torn@do, ^AlX^  and all the other i have forgotten






NVID-OEM-VID5TY79-HJ6789" and it will