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Aouthor: Acid_Cool_178
Date: 16'th October 2000
Target: WinVid 2000
Download it from: Here
Tools Used: Soft Ice
Download it from: 
Level of tut: Newbie


1. Introduction

2. The Target
3. The Protection
4. The Tools
5. Starting begining of the work.
6. Greetings


1. Introduction

Well, since i have fusked my Win2K PRO up and my movie player DON'T WORK *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* so i went to and downloaded this program... Well, I don't regret it yet, it are a cool program to use and easy one to if you need one change from the old windows media player.... 


2. The Target

The target are WinVid 2000 30-Day evalution version and it are one Visual Basic program, one Visual Basic 6 program to be more exact... So, be ready to make one serialsniffing now...


3. The Protection

the protection seems to be a kinda lame the coder have used one easy way to check the code, the way the crackers would die in a huge laught..... I had been ready for a HARD work but it seems like that it was the same oold old if else check..... with no encryption... Only one serial to enter.... Well, to be more exact, he have used the "InpuBox" function and that's all... 


4. The Tools

Well, just configure Smart check correct by opening it and under Program just select Settings...
---------------------------------------------- COPIED FROM ETERNAL BLISS SC ESSAY ----------------------------------------------------------
Under Program Settings:- 
Error Detection: "tick" all boxes except "Report errors immediately". 
Advanced: "tick" first 4 boxes. 
Make sure "Suppress system API and OLE calls" is not "ticked". 
Reporting: All boxes "ticked" except for "Report MouseMove events from OCX controls". 
---------------------------------------------- COPIED FROM ETERNAL BLISS SC ESSAY ----------------------------------------------------------

And that are the only tool that you will need..


5. Starting begining of the work.

Well, Just open the program and run it, now click on the "Register" button and you will get a new inputbox and jyust fill inn you fake serial and press on the OK button..You won't get ANY errore messages on that the serial were validated or not.. DAMM!! well, just clode the program in SmartCheck  and now you can see 
+CLICK at the bottom line in the left window, Click on the + sign infront of it and you will see "InputBox(VARIANT:Please...." Well, just click on that line and when you have marked it so click on View and select "Show all events"  And now this will show up.


Well, there are no ALGO in here and thang god for that ;) but click on the __vbaStrCmp for seeing the fake serial getting compared with the real serial.... 
__vbaStrCmp stands for "Visual Basic String Compare" so it are only comparing one string with another string... In my case it sis compare "2951"  with "WINVID-OEM-VID5TY79-HJ6789" and it will be registered...  I have made one crackme with some simmualre check... Just create one text boxe and one button..

Dim Serial
Dim Entred_Serial

Entred_Serial = text1.text
Serial = WINVID-OEM-VID5TY79-HJ6789"

IF Entred_Serial = Serial then
MsgBox "SORRY"


6. Greetings

To the coder of this fantastic program..
To Eternal Bliss for learning me VB in hes essays..
To balitog for cracking mmy crackmes and learning me new things in he's tutorials.. I red one of them today... U little bastard :)
and else I want to greet all in ID, Hellforge, The Cracking Answer, Nuclear Crackers, GenocideCrew, DQG and FHCF... 
and some persons like LaZaRuS, who are retierd from cracking now, Borna Janes for learning me new stuff in SI in he's WinZip tutorial, and everyone else who have helped me in one strange and normal way...

If you got any comments to this tutorial the please contact Fr1c or the writter of this tutorial..