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Date:17th April 1999
Program name: HD Morph
Program type: W32
Program location: N/A
Program filename: N/A
Program size: n/c

Tools required:
Soft - ice 3.2x

Difficult level:
Easy (  )  Medium (   )  Hard (    )  Pro (    )


Hello !! time to learn again !! , so a long time ago , there ..... lol


About the protection...
Name / Serial protection ....


The Essay...

this time it is for a vb proggy but not a crackme , it is
a shareware : HDmorph.
It can change the Hard disk icon . not sure it is useful but it is
not ReGGed !!
So we will play with it !!
fisrt there is a thing who work good in vb cracking, it is this search :

S 0 L ffffffff 56,57,8b,7c,24,10,8b,74,24,0c,8b,4c,24,14,33,c0,f3,66,a7

NOTE: its a good to put this in winice.dat.
the Alt-F4 that is rarely used in your winice.dat file.so you can
use Alt-F4 as shortcut ! put this in the winice.dat
AF4="^s 0 l ffffffff 56,57,8b,7c,24,10,8b,74,24,0c,8b,4c,24,14,33,c0,f3,66,a7;"
This will save you the time of typing all that !! restart your computer now !

when it is done , we can start to crack this babe !

Run it and click on about and on register.
Enter nAME: ACiD BuRN
sERIAL: 123456

ctrl+D to soft-ice and type bpx hmemcpy.
click on Ok and we back at Soft-ice ! great ...
now press F11 and F12 untill you see Msvbvm50 at the down of the softice window.
We are now at the good place , alt+F4 to search the compare emplacement !!
Now you should see "search pattern found at XXX:XXXXXXXX". for me XXX:XXXXXX is
25F:7B1DD9EA. Put a bpx on 25F:7B1DD9EA and disabled the hmemcpy bpx ,type bd 0.
now press F11 and we break at 25F:7B1DD9EA .
it is where is the comparaison , We will see :

: 56 push esi
: 57 push edi
: 8B7C2410 mov edi, [esp + 10] ; Move real serial into edi
: 8B7C240C mov esi, [esp + 0C] ; Move fake serial into esi
: 8B4C2414 mov ecx, [esp + 14]

press F10 to pass "mov edi, [esp + 10]" and type d edi for see the real serial !
for ACiD BuRN we see:
'cauz it is a vb proggy it is in wide format (space between digits).
So, the real code is 130268630544320792163813121404
for check if it is the good one , we will enter:
cODE: 130268630544320792163813121404

press Ok button , but nothing say good work or bad serial , just end the proggy and restart it.
go in about , and you see Registered to: ACiD BuRN

Great !!!! Cool work we made it !
Another cracked !

I hope you understand all in this essay
Iif you have a problem you can mail me at :
have fun and happy cracking !

ACiD BuRN [ReFleXZ'99] 


Final Notes...
Greetz To:

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Sorry if you are not here too many people to greetz !!!)

                                       ....And All Crackers !!! ....

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