The SK8man Lesson

Company : RARsoft

Protection : 40 day bombtrack - keyfile

How to Detect : read

Backup Solution : read on


Protection Info : protection method is kinda easy n shit, like it uses REMINDER scans. so we can just bypass it by telling the program to jump over the reminder

after 40 days winRAR v2.71 will say "Please Register" window, and that window will appear every time you are opening WinRAR so like we have to take that nagg screen off again i`ll tell the program to jump over the load up W32Dasm ans search for "Please Register" you should see this:

011 - ControlID:006D, Control Class:"BUTTON" Control Text:"&No"
     012 - ControlID:0070, Control Class:"BUTTON" Control Text:"No to A&ll"
     013 - ControlID:0071, Control Class:"BUTTON" Control Text:"&Cancel"
Name:           REMINDER, # of Controls=007, Caption:"Please register", ClassName:""
     001 - ControlID:0066, Control Class:"BUTTON" Control Text:"&Online registration"
     002 - ControlID:0065, Control Class:"BUTTON" Control Text:"&Price list"
     003 - ControlID:0067, Control Class:"BUTTON" Control Text:"&Sites list"

winrar was easy to crack cuz it only goes over the rutine check once like other programs it doesn`t check for byte size and doesn`t repeat the check over to make sure everything is okay so now search again for "REMINDER" and now you will see this code...

:00401506 833DC0CC460000           cmp dword ptr [0046CCC0], 00000000
:0040150D 7546                     jne 00401555 | jump 1 |
:0040150F 803D7430460000          cmp byte ptr [00463074], 00
:00401516 753D                     jne 00401555 |jump 1|
:00401518 803DCC6C460000          cmp byte ptr [00466CCC], 00
:0040151F 7534                     jne 00401555 | jump 1|
:00401521 A1A8F54600               mov eax, dword ptr [0046F5A8]
:00401526 83F828                   cmp eax, 00000028 | time bomb !
:00401529 7F04                     jg 0040152F
:0040152B 85C0                     test eax, eax
:0040152D 7D26                     jge 00401555 | reminder |

so the :00401526 83F828                   cmp eax, 00000028 code tells it if its over 40 days then jump to reminder


* Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Address:
:0040152F C6057430460001          mov byte ptr [00463074], 01
:00401536 6A00                    push 00000000
:00401538 68A8BA4000              push 0040BAA8
:0040153D 8B1524B94600            mov edx, dword ptr [0046B924]
:00401543 52                      push edx
* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"REMINDER"
:00401544 68E73B4600              push 00463BE7
:00401549 8B0D20CC4600            mov ecx, dword ptr [0046CC20]
:0040154F 51                      push ecx
Well,  to crack this so will we only need to change the fisrt jump from JNE to JMP, and JMP have the opcode "EB" 
and JNE have the opcode "75" open WinRAR.exe in you hex editor and search for "46 00 00 75 46 8D 3D 74 30" 
and change it to "46 00 00 EB 46 8D 3D 74 30" save and run hell yah power to da devil no more nag.
hehe notice one more bomb to fuck, at the title it still says "WinRAR (evaluation copy) " < no checks and balances on this
exe as if they wanted us to crack it > so to change that search for "evaluation copy" in W32Dasm


* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"%s - WinRAR"
:0041BA01 68DD5F4600              push 00465FDD
:0041BA06 8D9500FEFFFF            lea edx, dword ptr [ebp+FFFFFE00]
:0041BA0C 52                      push edx
:0041BA0D E8820B0400              call 0045C594
:0041BA12 83C40C                  add esp, 0000000C
:0041BA15 803DCC6C460000          cmp byte ptr [00466CCC], 00
:0041BA1C 752E                    jne 0041BA4C	|fuck|
* Possible Reference to String Resource ID=00873: "evaluation copy"
:0041BA1E 6869030000              push 00000369
:0041BA23 E894C6FEFF              call 004080BC
:0041BA28 50                      push eax
k so fuck if u make that line make a jump to jump 1, program will
crash =0) 
The jump at location 41B1C, Change JNE to JMP

u just cracked winrar 2.71 ! dopest compressor out their, now please do send rarsoft some money cuz this is a dope ass program.

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