Applet Password Wizzard v3.0
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by FaT[BiT] \ TNT!
Cracking For Beginners
Program Info
Program Name : Applet Password Wizard.exe
Program Type : Web Util.
Program Location :
Program Size : 871 KB
ToolZ :
Hiew v6.40

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Applet Password Wizzard v3.0
Cracked and Written by : FaT[BiT] \ TNT!
Tutorial No. : 34


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Intoduction & Protection


hi there and wellcome to another tutorial ...
Greed probably the most ugly thing in mankind , not only it hurts the person who is greedy but it also hurt the ppl around him , i mean i sometimes act like this !! , this is maybe y i turned to be a cracker , and that what the SW makers think about us , that we want everything for FREE , but i think this is not how it is , we crack cuz we are GREEDY TO LEARN ...


This prog (as far as i know) dosen't have a place to put our name and code , so in this tutorial we will patch it to act like a registered one .

The Essay

o.k after u have installed the prog, run it to take a look at it , now i have tried to look for some place to put my name and code , but there is no place like i said above , but i have noticed the caption of the window which is :

Applet Password Wizard- UNREGISTERED

and also when u close the program there is nag , now , let's make a copy of the exe file and dasm it , after win32dasm finish look for the caption , when u find it double click it , and u will land at this code :

:004880E0 8B00                     mov eax, dword ptr [eax]

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"Applet Password Wizard- UNREGISTERED"

:004880E2 BAC8814800              mov edx, 004881C8
:004880E7 E8D485FAFF              call 004306C0

o.k cool !! , now scroll up a little bit until u see this code :

* Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Address:
|:004880A7 <-- we go to this address (C)

:004880B3 A118AA4800              mov eax, dword ptr [0048AA18]
:004880B8 8B00                    mov eax, dword ptr [eax]

o.k so now click on the search/find text and enter the address 004880A7 , after wind32dasm finds it scroll up and u will be at this code :

:00488095 E8F685FAFF              call 00430690
:0048809A 8B45E0                  mov eax, dword ptr [ebp-20]

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"true"

:0048809D BAB8814800              mov edx, 004881B8
:004880A2 E805BFF7FF              call 00403FAC
:004880A7 750A                    jne 004880B3 <-- our bad boy jump
:004880A9 A180A74800              mov eax, dword ptr [0048A780]
:004880AE C60001                  mov byte ptr [eax], 01
:004880B1 EB4D                    jmp 00488100 <-- jump to good boy

o.k kool !! , now as u can see there is a flag called true , and if u scroll up a little bit , u will see another one called false , now at 004880A2 the call check to see if the flag is true or false, if it is false then we will jump to the "unregistered" , and if it is not we will not jump the jump at address 004880A7 , but we will jump the one at address 004880B1 which will take us to the good boy !! , so all we have to do is to patch the jump at address 004880A7 i.e to stop it from jumpin' , which means to nop it !!!

The Patch

o.k now copy the exe file to the hiew dir , then open hiew and load the exe file in it , then press the F5 button , and enter the address of the jump which is 004880A7 , then press the F3 button and write 90 then 90 , then press the F9 button to update and quite hiew , now copy back the exe file to the installed dir. and run it , and ...

Applet Password Wizzard is Registered

Final WordZ

i hope u have enjoyed this tut as much as i did writing it
in the end i would like to greet the following ppl !!
FaT[BiT]_FaTz0 greetz the following :

tKC ... (for showing me the light !! )
LW2000 ... ( Thanx alot i now use my brain )
[XasX] ... (i know u work hard , this is y u r good !!)
AzmO ... (yes!! man we are different !! )
Sir dReAm ... (u r the best !! )
tabm0de ... ( thanx alot !! ur a true friend !!)
ASTAGA ... (i don't mind if u comment this tutorial)
Marilyn, VaibLitzeR , and ShaQ ... (good luck to u all !! )

and to all TNT!CRACK!TEAM! members ... (keep up the good work !!)

any comments mail me :

See ya in another tut !!! Soon !!!

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