Cracking TWinExplorer 1.0

by Punisher

I am a newbie to cracking. I have cracked a few of programs.
I will put up tutorials for these programs. They are
Home or Away and MiniHelp Plus v3.1. I am in the process of
writing a keygenerator for Home or Away. This will be done in
Assembly Language.

  Program Info:

  TWinExplorer is a Windows Program by Pepsoft. It is a Shell similar to
Windows Explorer. It has two explorer style windows set vertically.
There is no menu and the windows cannot be set horizontally which
in my opinion is how the others should have written the program.

We will crack TWinExplorer by paching it.

This program can be downloaded from:



Hacker's View v 5.66

  1. Run TwinExplorer. When it loads look at the caption. It Says

2. Click on the button at the top right(I think it has "order" on it)

3. You will be presented with the Registration Window. Enter Your
name and any Reg code. and click the OK button. You will be
presented with a message box informing you that your registration
number is invalid.

4. Write down the exact message.

5. Disassemble TWinExplorer using WDasm89.

5. From the Refs Menu Choose String data Reference.

6. Search for the message you wrote down "Invalid Registration
Password" and double click on it.

7. Now close the string data Reference window and you will see
the high light bar at this piece of code:

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"Invalid Registration Password."
:00466BD6 B8B46C4600 mov eax, 00466CB4
:00466BDB E89C25FDFF call 0043917C
:00466BE0 33D2 xor edx, edx
:00466BE2 8B86FC010000 mov eax, dword ptr [esi+000001FC]
:00466BE8 E89796FBFF call 00420284

8. Scroll up until you com to the first conditional jump
this is:

:00466AD9 58 pop eax
:00466ADA E8A9D2F9FF call 00403D88
:00466ADF 0F85E6000000 jne 00466BCB ;We change this to je
:00466AE5 8BC6 mov eax, esi
:00466AE7 E8EC060000 call 004671D8
:00466AEC 6A00 push 00000000
:00466AEE 668B0D386C4600 mov cx, word ptr [00466C38]
:00466AF5 B202 mov dl, 02

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"TwinExplorer is now registered. "
->"Thanks a lot!"

9. Double click on jne 00466BCB. Now look at the status bar in
WDasm89.exe. You will see Offset@xxxxxxxh. Write down the
address of the offset. This is where you will patch it in
Hacker's View.

10. Now run Hacker's View and load TwinExplorer 1.0 Press F4 to
get code view.

11. Press F5 and enter the offset to get to the offset. You will
see 0F85E6000000.

12. Press F3 and Replace 0F85E6000000 with 0F84E6000000.

13. Now press F9 to save changes and F10 o exit hiew.

14. Run TWinExplorer and get to the Registration window.
Now enter Your name and any Reg Code and Press enter and
whammo! You have registered TWinExplorer 1.0.

Well that's it for now. As I said before I am a newbie to
cracking. I hope to have a tutor of cracking TWinExplorer
by finding the correct Serial Number.

You should buy this program if you intend to use it longer than the
evaluation period.

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