How to crack Quick Editor 6.0


Hello my newbies friends, here I am again, just for you to show you how to crack this time that great program of video processing. Although it's a good prog, it's too easy to crack it. In a minute, you'll be registered.

Before starting, for your convienience, turn the resolution to 1024x768. 

Ok, let's start. There are 2 ways to crack this prog, with SoftIce and with W32Dasm. I suggest you the first one, version 3.23 and above. It's simpler and faster way.

First of all you must ensure if 32-bit breakpoints are enabled. This can be done by removing all the semicolons (;) from the EXP from the winice.dat file and reboot your computer for them to take effect.

Start now the program and press OK in the window appeared. We don't want that, right? So we will banish it. Now go to Help->Register and put a user name and a serial number. I used Mitsaras and 12345.Don't press OK. Press Ctrl+D to get in SoftIce and set a bpx to GetDlgItemTextA(bpx GetDlgItemTextA) and press again Ctrl+D to get out.


Everything is ready to crack that damn prog. Now press the OK button and SoftIce will pop up and the EAX numbering 6,the length of our name. But the check of our serial code is in the same routine, so don't press anything. You'll see some of the following code:

:00402EE2 Call [USER32!GetDlgItemTextA]

:00402EE8 mov ebx, eax

:00402EEA cmp bx, 06   ç Compares the length of our name with 6.

:00402EEE jl 00402F76 ç If your name is less than 6 characters, type a and 

 then jg 00402F76 ,Enter and then Enter again.

:00402EF4 cmp di, 0A

:00402EF8 jl 00402F76

:00402EFA cmp bx, si

:00402EFD jle 00402F28

:00402EFF lea edi, dword ptr [esp+18]

:00402F03 mov dl, byte ptr [edi]

:00402F05 push edx

:00402F06 call 004193D0

:00402F0B mov ecx, esi

:00402F0D add esp, 04

:00402F10 imul ecx, eax

:00402F13 mov eax, dword ptr [esp+14]

:00402F17 add eax, ecx

:00402F19 inc esi

:00402F1A inc edi

:00402F1B cmp si, bx

:00402F1E mov dword ptr [esp+14], eax

:00402F22 jl 00402F03 ç Type a and type jg 00402F03 and press Enter twice.

:00402F24 mov edi, dword ptr [esp+30]

:00402F28 cmp di, word ptr [esp+14]

:00402F2D jnz 00402F47 ç Type a and type jz 00402F47 and press Enter twice.

:00402F2F push 01

:00402F31 push ebp ç Press Ctrl+D to get out.


Now you are registered. Haha. Don't believe me? Go to Help and you'll see the Register option grayed.


Thanks. See ya in a next tutorial.


For any questions you can reach me on EF-Net #cracking and #cracking4newbies, or on GR-NET in #cracking (that’s mine,hehe) with the nick iNFRA .

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Goodbye my friends.


[1] Written by :Mitsaras Nuker®