VB keygening : ORDiX Mpack v1.X  by ACiD BuRN [ECLiPSE/CiA]

i was lazy to make this tut , but it was requested by a friend so i will make it for
help him.


this is my 1st VB keygening tut for a real app (not a crackme).
It is not hard at all , kinda easy i can say..
You will need : 

- Smart check 6
- a brain :)
- some Beer
- and this fucking ordix shit (see my ECL release to have it)

i assume u know how to configure smart check and how to use it...
don't come and bug me on IRC for this , i have others thing to do.
look for an essay for this , or something but i am too busy for answer on irc..
mail if there is a real prob..

Lets start :

Open the file with smart check and run it...
in menu help , register enter :
- as name: ACiD BuRN 
- as code: 11223344

click on ok , and this fucker say u : invalid shit , blablababla...

anyway , end the programme , and go in smart check to look this bitch.
i am to lazy to write all this shit so , look the pic :
now , i will explain you the algo:

- 1st , u see in smart check your name.

- 2nd , the prog take this length:
in SC = Format(VARIANT:9,.....

- 3rd , then , u see this : len(NACiD BuR9)returns :10

so it take your name , take the last char of it (N for ACiD BuRN) and place it at first...
then take the len of your name and place it at last place... (9 coz length of ACiD BuRN = 9)

exemple : 

*     1st : Fuck you           *
*     2nd : uFuck yo           *
*     3rd : uFuck yo8          *

- 4th , take all ascii value in hex and add them as string (not addition)..

exemple : NACiD BuR9

N = 78 in decimal = 4E in hexa
result = 4E
A = 65 in decimal = 41 in hexa
result = 4E41
C = 67 in decimal = 43 in hexa
result = 4E4143
i = 105 in decimal = 69 in hexa
result = 4E414369
D = 68 in decimal = 44 in hexa
result = 4E41436944
" "= 32 in decimal = 20 in hexa
result = 4E4143694420
B = 66 in decimal = 42 in hexa
result = 4E414369442042
u = 117 in decimal = 75 in hexa
result = 4E41436944204275
R = 82 in decimal = 52 in hexa
result = 4E4143694420427552
9 = 57 in decimal = 39 in hexa
result = 4E414369442042755239

i hope u understand now !!

well , result is the correct serial :)
the serial length can't be more than 12 (u saw this when u enter your serial)
but if the length of the serial is > 9 , u need to take the hex ascii value of the 2 digits of 
the length.  (sorry for my lame english)

ACiD BuRN U          <--- length = 11

so : UACiD BuRN 3131    <-- 31 = hex value of ascii value 49 of the digit 1.

so the serial is : 5541436944204275524E203131

now , u have understand i think and i hope :)

i am lazy to code a keygen who work for name > 9 so , i will give you source for a keygen
in VB who work with 9 chars max as name :
i just coded it to show u , this source is not good coded , but i don't have time to make
it better ...
At least , it works !

---------------------------VB Source of the Keygen-------------------------------

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Text3.Text = ""
On Error GoTo sortie
checksum = Mid(Text1.Text, Len(Text1.Text))
dede = Asc(Mid$(Text1.Text, Len(Text1.Text)))
check2 = Len(Text1.Text)
code = checksum & Text1.Text & check2
Text2.Text = code
For x = 1 To Len(Text1.Text)
    bignum = Hex(Asc(Mid$(Text2.Text, x, 1)))
Text3.Text = Text3.Text & bignum
Next x
Last = Hex(Asc(Len(Text1.Text)))
final = Text3.Text & Last
Text3.Text = final
Select Case Err.Number
Case 5
MsgBox "please enter your name !", vbOKOnly, Keygen
End Select

---------------------------END OF VB Source of the Keygen----------------------------

to make this source work , u need to put 3 text box and a button :

text1.text = where u enter the name
text2.text = hidden text box
text3.text = where u see the final serial

like i said earlier , this was coded fast , so don't bug me for lame coding...
if your not happy , FUCK YOU !

Well , this tut is finish , hope u understand all this piece of shit, but if you have a 
comment or one question, mail me to : ACiD_BuRN@CrackersInAction.org

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				ACiD BuRN [ECL/CiA]

PUSH EAX :00407E6D FF1524104100 CALL [KERNEL32!lstrcmp] :00407E73 F7D8 NEG EAX :00407E75 1BC0 SBB EAX,EAX :00407E77 5E POP ESI :00407E78 40 INC EAX :00407E79 83C420 ADD ESP,20 :00407E7C C3 RET Somehow after showing the calculation routine it's always getting too easy - and quite boring. Don't you share this thought? Well I'm working on a way to get that changed ... very probably my next tutorial will be of a totally different style :)

So what does all this above routine?
First of all it checks if your enterd name has the right length, which is at least 4 chars. After that small check, it gets the first char of the name and saves it in EAX. Then it gets the second char of the name and saves it in ECX. EAX is then shift left by 1 and the result is saved for later use. Then it gets the third char of the name and saves it in EAX. ECX is shift left by 2 and the result is again saved for later use. Finally ECX is divided by A h and EAX, which has been assigned the value of FA34C6A0 h, is shift left by it.
Then the output is formatted ...

That was again quite simple, right? Well next time I'll choose very probably another way of producing a KeyGEN for a target. As always I've added just the calculation routine's source.

   short int Calculate(HWND hDialog)
    unsigned char name[5]       = {0};
    unsigned char serial[100]   = {0};
    unsigned long EAX           = 0;
    unsigned long ECX           = 0;
    unsigned long EDX           = 0;
    unsigned long S02           = 0;
    unsigned long S03           = 0;
    unsigned long TMP           = 0;
    static HWND hControl;

    hControl = GetDlgItem(hDialog, EDIT_NAME);
    GetWindowText(hControl, &name, 5);
    if (strlen(name) < 4)
      hControl = GetDlgItem(hDialog, EDIT_CODE);
      SetWindowText(hControl, "Name must be at least 4 chars long");
      return -1;

    EAX = name[1];
    ECX = name[2];
    EAX = EAX << 1;
    S03 = EAX;
    ECX = ECX << 2;
    S02 = ECX;

    EAX = name[3];
    TMP = EAX / 0x0A;
    EDX = EAX - (TMP * 0x0A);
    EAX = 0xFA34C6A0 << EDX;
    wsprintf(serial, "%010lu-%lu%lu", EAX, S02, S03);
    hControl = GetDlgItem(hDialog, EDIT_CODE);
    SetWindowText(hControl, serial);
    return 0;
Feel free to e-mail me feedback, questions or whatever (NO crack requests!!). You can also talk to me on IRC (EFNet) at #ImmortalDescendants, #PhrozenCrew or #cracking4newbies.

Another lesson has just finished. Hopefully you have learned something useful from it! Feel free contacting me anytime ... till next time, I highly recommend you to visit Iczelion's Win32 ASM Site, which is the best source in learning Win32 ASM on the web! Learn how to really code now :)

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it as the 2nd parameter