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+=widY@cL 2011=+

from newbie to another

Tools : W32dasm 8.93 - Softice 3.24

MP3 Explorer 2.3.0 Key Generator

Project Info : Release 10th - 03 April 1999

Author : Pierre LEVY
Homepage :

The Essay
Goto the registration dialog and we're asked to enter :

E-mail address    :
Registration key :

Enter Pirate Copy as ' E-mail address ' and 0101010 as Registration key ... #bOOm# ... bad message pops up : " Registration info are not correct ! Please try again. " as you wish  ! ... disassemble mp3 explorer.exe and double click on bad message text in SDR window and we land here :

* Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Address:

* Possible Reference to String Resource ID=00154: "Registration info are not correct ! Please try again."

let's check this referenced address ... aah here it is :

0040195D E8DE510000 call 00406B40 ; heh .. looks like a call to keygen routine !
00401962 85C0 test eax, eax ; if eax=0 then sets the zero flag ..
00401964 0F8485000000 je 004019EF ; jump to hell if zero flag set

If we entered the correct code then we'll return from the call with eax=1 -> ands 1 with 1 will result 1 -> zero flag  not set
If we entered the wrong   code then we'll return from the call with eax=0 -> ands 0 with 0 will result 0 -> zero flag  is set

Now leave Win32dasm at once  ... enter the reg dialog again .. put our entry .. enter sice .. set BPX GetWindowTextA (our trap) .. hit [OK] .. bOOm .. kick F11 once to get the caller .. aah we're in mp3explorer code now .. set BPX 00406B40 ... X [ENTER] .. bOOm ... keep tracing ... snip ... snip .. snip ..  AHA ! :

00406B92 8B7AF8 mov edi,   [edx-08] ; copy name length to edi (B)
00406B95 83FF04 cmp edi, 04 ; compare name length with 4
00406B98 7D35 jge 00406BCF ; minimal name length is 4 !
00406BCF 85FF test edi, edi ; if edi=0 then sets the zero flag
00406BD1 7E18 jle 00406BEB ; if zero flag is set (Z=1) then beggar off
00406BD3 8B442420 mov eax, [esp+20] ; copy name to eax
00406BD7 0FBE0C06 movsx ecx, byte ptr [eax+esi] ; get one char from eax (name) into ecx
00406BDB 51 push ecx ; save ecx for later use
00406BDC E82F130100 call 00417F10 ; this call convert lowercase to uppercase (the result in eax)
; also tells us that we can use any char in name
00406BE1 83C404 add esp, 04 ; correct stack
00406BE4 03E8 add ebp, eax ; ebp=ebp+eax (the result from this iteration save in ebp)
00406BE6 46 inc esi ; esi=esi+1
00406BE7 3BF7 cmp esi, edi ; are we done ?!
00406BE9 7CE8 jl 00406BD3 ; no ? then loop again
00406BEB 8B4C240C mov ecx, [esp+0C] ; ecx=18A92h=101010   (our dummy code)
00406BEF BAC0D40100 mov edx, 0001D4C0 ; edx=1D4C0 ( a constant value from Pierre)
00406BF4 2BD5 sub edx, ebp ; edx=edx-ebp
That was it ! .. a very simple algorithm ! edx hold the correct registration code .. now take a look at these next codes ...
00406BF6 33C0 xor eax, eax ; zero eax
00406BF8 3BCA cmp ecx, edx ; compare dummy code with the correct code
; the zero flag is set (Z=1) if and only if ecx = edx
00406BFA 8D4C2420 lea ecx, [esp+20] ;
00406BFE 0F94C0 sete al ; sete same as setz. set al value (boolean) if equal / zero (Z=1)
; if we enter the correct code then al value will set to 1 else al / eax still zero
00406C01 8BF0 mov esi, eax ; in this case esi = eax = 0 ('coz we enter the wrong code)
00406C22 8BC6 mov eax, esi ; eax = esi = 0 ... we'll return from this call with eax=0 !!
But as you can see if we entered the correct code then we'll return from the call with eax=1. 

Heii .. are you thinkin somethin ?! ... yep we can have more fun here ! .. in this case (weak protection schemes),  we can also modifies (patching) the codes so we'll return from the call with eax=1 ... here is some variations :

- 00406BFE 
0F94C0  sete al  CHANGE TO  0F95C0  setne al  (set if not zero)
  now you can enter any entry to make it registered ... BUT ... please don't enter the correct code !


- 00406C22  8BC6  mov eax, esi  CHANGE TO  B001  mov al, 1
  with this method we'll always be a good buyer no matter what we entered

And on succcesfull registration the program stores the license data in mp3 explorer.ini located in windows directory.

[User settings]
RegisteredEmail=Pirate Copy

Well .. hope there's something you can learn from this tut ... wait for my next project ! ..

Source code
// written in BC++ 5.2
// compile with bcc name.cpp or bcc32 name.cpp

#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

void main()
   char name[255],ecx=0,eax;
   int esi=0,ebp=0,edi;

   cout << " Keygenerator for MP3 Explorer 230 bY widY@cL 2011\n";
   cout << " Copyright (C) wOrLd cRaCkinG linK '99\n\n";
   cout << " Enter name (minimal 4 char) : ";gets(name);

   if (edi < 4) exit(0);

   while (esi < edi)

   cout << " Registration key             : " << (0x1D4C0 - ebp) << endl;
Final Notes
let me know if you have any comments/suggestions/critics (dot)