Cracking Tutorial for Abracadabra 1.2.3

Target Program: Abracadabra 1.2.3
Description: Abracadabra is a multipurpose utility for view and edit text and graphic files.
Protection: Name / Reg #
Tools needed: - SoftICE 3.24
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In my 19th and 20th tutorial I tried to teach you how to crack Visual Basic programs by using SmartCheck and SoftICE - now I'll teach you how to make a keygen. This keygen is really simple and you will understand the code COMPLETLY (hope I've commented it good enough). Now to the keygen: The most important thing if you want to produce a keygen is to understand the code COMPLETLY. I took a really easy example program so that you can 'get it'. Maybe if I write a keygen tutorial again (if you're interested, drop me a mail) I'll choose a not so easy program. Now let's start our Cracking Session.
First we need to enter the basic stuff in the input fields. I used "Keygen Tutorial" as Name and "12345" as Registration Code. Then I enterd SoftICE and set a BPX to HMEMCPY, left SoftICE and pressed the "OK"-Button. SoftICE poped up. Since there were 2 input fields we can skip the first one - SoftICE will pop up again. So as SoftICE pops up again, delete that HMEMCPY breakpoint and press F12 until you're back in the "ABRA"-Code. Now just trace a little bit through the code till you reach the following code snippet:

  :004647E3    CALL    00403BB4
  :004647E8    TEST    EAX,EAX
  :004647EA    JLE     004647FF
  :004647EC    MOV     EDX,00000001                 ; start with 1st char
  :004647F1    MOV     ECX,[EBP-08]
  :004647F4    MOVZX   ECX,BYTE PTR [EDX+ECX-01]    ; mov 'code' of xth char in ECX
  :004647F9    ADD     ESI,ECX                      ; add it to sum
  :004647FB    INC     EDX                          ; prepare next char
  :004647FC    DEC     EAX                          ; decrease number of chars 'left'
  :004647FD    JNZ     004648F1                     ; last char not reached?

The above code is self explained I think. But if not: it just adds the value of each character together. So for "Keygen Tutorial" this in hex 4B+65+79+67+65+6E+20+54+75+74+6F+72+69+61+6C, which is 5D7 h. Since we know this we can go on with the tracing:

  :0046480A    IMUL    EAX,EAX,000003E7              ; SUM * 3E7
  :00464810    MOV     ESI,EAX
  :00464812    CMP     ESI,[EBP-04]                  ; compare
  :00464815    JNZ     00464916                      ; JMP if bad cracker
  :0046481B    MOV     DL,01                         ; 'good code flag'

I hope you understand what I mean with my comments. So Abracadabra generates it's right serial # by doing the following:
1) adding all values of the chars together (no chars are ignored)
2) it multiplies them with 3E7 h
Now code your keygen in your favourite programming language - like C++. BTW, you're registration details are stored at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Akatoma/Abracadabra".


// This is the C++ Source Code of my KeyGEN. I hope you like it.
// I've compiled it using Symantec C/C++ 6.11

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
unsigned long regcode, i;
char name[1000] = {0};

printf("   ____                     __       __\n");
printf("  /  _/_ _  __ _  ___  ____/ /____ _/ /\n");
printf(" _/ //  ' \\/  ' \\/ _ \\/ __/ __/ _ `/ /\n");
printf("/___/_/_/_/_/_/_/\\___/_/  \\__/\\_,_/_/\n");
printf("   ____                          __          __\n");
printf("  / __ \\___ ___ _______ ___  ___/ /__ ____  / /____\n");
printf(" / /_/ / -_|_-</ __/ -_) _ \\/ _  / _ `/ _ \\/ __(_-<\n");

for (;;){
printf("\nAbracadabra 1.2.3 KeyGEN - d0NE bY TORN@DO in '99\n");
printf("Name:               ");

if (strlen(name)<1) return 0;
else break;


// add values together
for (i=1; i<=(strlen(name)); i++) regcode=regcode + name[i-1];

// multiply regcode with 3E7
regcode = regcode * 0x3E7;

printf("Registration Code: %lu\n", regcode);
return 0;

Another target has been Reverse Engineerd. Any questions (no crack requests)?


If you're USING Abracadabra BEYOND it's FREE TRIAL PERIOD, then please BUY IT.

Copyright 1999 by TORN@DO and The Immortal Descendants. All Rights Reserved.


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