WinHex 9.7


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Hola again, 
Today we would like to crack WinHex 9.7 , therfore we used Softice to eliminate the Nag Screen.
At first let us check where is the App protected, ahh if we close it a MessageBox pops up.
Ok Open WinHex and if it open switch to Softice, [ Crtl+D ]ther set a Breakpoint to DialogBoxParamA
[BPX DialogBoxParamA]

Back in WinHex let us close it and Softice Pops up again, but we arnt in the DialogBox so press F12 and we can
see the MessageBox in Winhex.
Click on OK and Softice pops up again and we be here:
0177:0040505D        E8AEFBFFFF        Call        USER!DialgBoxParamA
0177:00405062        5B                POP         EBX    <=-- 
The line above with the Call , calls our NagSceen, so note the Adress
And change in Hexeditor ;) yes you can also use our Winhex 9.7 
and save it.
Yeah the Crack is done ;) 

Closing remark

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