Tutorial to: Milkshape 3D 1.1.0

Tools: W32Dasm / Hexeditor

Written by: NUKEM

Homepage: http://www.elitereverser.net

Tutorial Level: Easy

Install Milkshape 3D 1.1.0 and run it.
At start an Nag with the Shareware Information pops up.

Surround your Clock 31 Days further and run it again.

At start , the Registration Dialog pops up.

Ok close all and start W32Dasm.

Load Milkshape 3D in it and after Disassembling push Crtl+L and press on Load.

Press F9 and if you see the Registration Dialog press F7 and Terminate.

* Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Address:


:00404381 A075944B00 mov al, byte ptr [004B9475]

You stop at mov al, byte ptr [004B9475]

Go to Code Location 0040434D

and land here:

:0040434D 7432 je 00404381

change it with the Hexeditor to an jne and save it.

If you run Milkshape 3D again , the Nag has disappeared.

But in the Titlebar you see the "Unregistered Expired"

So we kill them also ;-)

Look at the Strg*Ref and you'll find follow strings:

" %X.%.2X"
" (%s)"
" (2D)"
" (3D)"
" (Alpha)"
" (can CK)"
" (Lightmap)"
" (Palette)"
" (sought Alpha)"
" (sought CK)"
// This the Bad String
""%s" "
"# %d normals"
"# %d texture coordinates"
"# %d triangles in group"
"# %d triangles total"

Doubbleclick on the bad string and you'll be here:

:00401FC4 BFD0664600 mov edi, 004666D0

So we scroll a little bit up and

:00401FC1 A4 movsb
:00401FC4 BFD0664600 mov edi, 004666D0
:00401FC2 756A
jne 0040202E

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->" <

Maybe the first Jump is possible responsibly for this bad String.

Let us change it to je and if we run Milkshape again..... great :-)

It works , and without Nag and without the Unregistered Message.






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