All LINKS worked March 2004!! BUT they come and go quick!!!

Mostly Tuts
AntiCrack Big shitload of stuff...gotta visit
BiW Reversing Tuts, Tools & other
CodeBreaker's Magazine Reverse Engineering on-line mag
CoDeInSiDe's Homepage Tuts and other...
CoDe_InSiDe's...Manual UnPacking Page Tuts about unpacking...
Crackerz Paradise Indian_Trails Site Tuts
Cracking.Accessroot Tuts and other
cr0aker's Pages Tuts, tools and other...
Crudd's Page...of Reverse Engineering Tuts and other stuff
Delphi Site...Torries Tuts, and more
Dracons Homepage Tuts, and more
Eternal Bliss's Site Tuts and other
Flying Horse Cracking Force Tuts and Other
fOdder's Site Tuts, tools
Fravia's...thanks woodmann for hosting Shitload of Tuts (Gotta Visit Here)
Fravia's Searchlores Learn to Search site targeting newbies Tuts
Greythorne Lots of info
Kanal23 Tuts & other stuff
Lockless World Headquarters Tuts and other
LW2000 [CIA] TUTORIALS Yeah...tuts
ManKind's Little Cracking Palace Tuts
Net Knowledge Base Tuts and other
New2Cracking Tuts and other (for newbies)
NoodleSpa's Beginner Cracking Basics Tuts and tools
OrcPaks...also getem from my complete page The Orc Tuts (with targets)
Pincopalls Art of Reverse-Engineering Lotta Tuts
Predators Cave Tuts & Other
[Private Reversing Alliance] HeadQuaters] Tuts & Other
PrOfEsOrX's Page...100's/1000's of Spanish Tuts Tuts, Tools, and other
Quequero's Page...Spanish Tuts & heaps of other stuff
Quine's IDA Page Tuts & Other
RCE_CD Index...thanks Woodmann Lotta Obsolete sites and other stuff
Reversed Hell Networks Tuts & Other
Sheeps Trainer Site Game Training
sLeEpYż'z VauLT sLeEpY's Tuts and other
The Snake's Page Tuts, other
The Webbithole Tuts and other
Tres2000 Tutorials and more
TutorGig Lotta Tuts...different subjects
Tutorial Find Lotta Tuts...different subjects
Tutorial Search Engine Search for Tutorials
UmE's Reverse Code Engineering Page Tuts and tools
VB Resource VB Tuts & more
WarriorAPI Tuts by warriorapi tuts Tuts
Mostly Tools
CrackStore Tools, tuts and other
CrackerZ Tools Tools, tuts and other
CyberTools Tools, tuts and other
ExeTools Lotta tools but other as well
Learn to'll also see my pages faithfully reproduced/pinched Tools page
Programmers Heaven Lotta Tools
Crackpl Tools Yeah Tools
OllyDbg Get it here
Programmers Tools Lotta Tools, and other stuff
Quequero's Page Tools & heaps of other stuff
Stone's Webnote Not Updated Anymore Tools, & Programming Stuff
UNPACKiNG GODS Yeah...unpacking tools, and tuts
Team Provoke Tools in tool section
Link Sites
Aldo's Crackz Links Links to lots of places
CorelReef's Underground Start Page Shitload of Links Links
Ghozd's Linx Site All the best (underground) sites. ...Updated dayly
Link World Crack Links...and Related Links to Lots Places
Link Ultimate Links Directory Yeah...Links, plus underground
President's Home Lotsa links
Y@plukon's Linkz Shitload of Links
Zors Crack News Heaps of Links and news
BiW Reversing - Forum Reversing/Programming Forum
Iczelions Board Win32asm Message Board
Net Knowledge Base Forums Forum
Ollydbg Forum Forum
RCE Messageboard Newbie Forum and Others Reverse Engineering Message Board
Reverse Engineering Forum Like the title says
TNT!Crack!Team Forum Yep Forum
UCI tEAM Forum rev. eng., hacking and virii
Zor's Discussion Board Bloody Good Yeah...Discussion Board
Astalavista Search Search for serials, cracks etc.
ftp Search Engines Links to ftp search
(il)Legal Search Engine Search
LinkWorld...Search Engines Search for cracks etc.
Other Stuff
Brain Studio Info on hard key coding...hasp
See4N...see the faces behind Cracking4Newbies iRC Few Pics
sKYWALKEr/Serials 2000 Serials 2000 crackreleases
sKYWALKEr/Serials 2000 Serials 2000 Program and Updates
The Crackme Website The new one Tutorials, Crackmes, and more
The Reverse Me Website Heh....ReverseMes
The Reversers Course Sign in...and join the course!!
Programming Stuff API-functions in Visual Basic
Assembly Programming Journal Programming Journal
Bill's Win32Asm Page Hehe....Assembler Stuff
Crayzee's HomePage Win32asm Stuff
Hutch's Homepage Coding Stuff
Iczelion's Cracking Resource Tuts and more
Programmers Heaven Shitload of Files
The Code Project Lotta Files
Win95 Assembly Henry Takeuchi
Wotsit's Format Programmer's resource