On this page are collections of tutorials that are either in program form, were compiled by others to download, or were bundled together by me. So hope you fine something that interests you.

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Tutorial Author
Download Visit Site
The Orc Tuts...without targets +Orc
The Orc Tuts...with targets +Orc
10 Tuts by ?ferret ?ferret
Acid_Cool Tuts...52 of them Acid_Cool_178
19 Tuts AlpHaz
18 Tuts BazBarty
28 Tuts Bengaly
The Ancient Art of Cracking Buckaroo Banzai
Tuts 1 to 4 Buckaroo Banzai
Tut Program...Dephstar ByteBurn/Faith2000
C_DKnight Tuts...22 of them C_DKnight
43 Tuts CoDeInSiDe
c4n Tuts Cracking 4 Newbies...Various
Timetrials Compilation CrackZ and Others
19 Visual Basic Tuts CrackZ & Others
200 + Tuts From CrackZ Site CrackZ and Others
Tuts 1 to 7 DraGOn
Tuts 1 to 33 Eternal Bliss
Tuts 1 to 10 Flux
Ghirizibo Tuts...15 in pdf format Ghirizibo
Assembly & Cracking from Ground up Greythorne
Hellforge Tuts...over 100 Hellforge Members
Win32asm Tuts 1 to 24 Iczelion
12 Tuts Indian_Trail
Tuts 1 to 53 InFiNiTy/stealthFIGHTER
Tut Compilation Intern
Series of Tuts by KahnAbyss...18 of them KahnAbyss
Tuts 1 to 9 KLee8084
Tuts 1 to 38 LaZaRuS
Tuts 1 to 60 LW2000 [CIA]
Tutor Compilation LwAkUsChI
5 Tuts MaLaTTiA
Mammons Tales and Articles...43 Tuts Mammon
12+ Tuts ManKind
Messing in Bytes Site MiB...(Got it from the KEEP)
Tuts 1 to 6 Mr.T
CDR Burning Tut v1.2 PixL
Tuts 1 to 24 Punisher
Tuts 1 to 7 SiONiDE
13 Tuts Sojourner
9 Tuts Plus Some Essays (Good Series) Sophie Cummin
Stones Webnote...whole site Stone
3 Tuts tBS
Immortal Descendants Tuts...Over 100 The Immortal Descendants
Immortal Descendants Site...site finished...lots here ...7.65 mbs
TutPack The Saintman...Various Authors
Tuts 1 to 74 The Sandman
Tuts 1 to 20 The Snake
7 Tuts TNT [CraCK!TEaM]
cRACKER's nOTES Torn@do Compilation
Tuts 1 to 44 Torn@do
14 Tuts UmE
ViPeR Tuts...25 of them ViPeR
6 Tuts VipVop
VoXeL's Tuts VoXeL
Tuts 1 to 12 WidYa
The Ultimate Guide to Cracking for Newbies yAtEs 5mbs
Compilations of Spanish Tuts  
Compilation of Spanish Tuts ...lots of them Compiled by profesor x
Manuals/Reference/Ezines Author
Assembly Language..Developing Utilities in... Deborah L. Cooper
Vaczine Mag#2 dRONe [CiB]
Vaczine Mag#3 dRONe [CiB]
Vaczine Mag#4 dRONe [CiB]
Vaczine Mag#5 dRONe [CiB]
Crackers Mag#2 Execution
Softice Command Reference Pdf Format
Using Softice Pdf Format
Softice Manual...Ch 1 to 13 Text
Gavin's Guide to Assembly Gavin Estey
Reverse EngineerZine 1 to 7 Immortal Descendants/Dread
Assem. Program. Journal...issues 1 to 8 Mammon & others
BoundsChecker 6 Basics NuMega
Win32 Programmers Reference (Full API Guide) Microsoft....7mbs
Win32 SDK Knowledge Base Help Format Microsoft
Nuclear Crackers Mag 1 Nuclear Crackers
Nuclear Crackers Mag 2 Nuclear Crackers
Reversers E Zine 1 to 3 Torn@do
Antidebugging Information Various Authors
Delphi Source Reference Guillaume HERAULT
Turbo Pascal Reference Ed Mitchell
Windows 95...Programming Secrets Matt Pietrek
Alpha1 Tut Packs/Utilities Author
Download the viewer first, then the tuts... Coded and compiled by Alpha1 productions
Viewer Alpha1 Productions
HCU Tuts Various
Tuts 1 to 74 The Sandman
Orc Tuts...without targets Hehe...Orc
Orc Tuts...with targets Orc
Softice Manual
Utilities Alpha1
Links+ Utility Keep Urls in One Package...already has some!! Alpha 1/TNT
1000+Search Engines & Security Sites Alpha 1/TNT
Projects from Fravias Site Various Authors
Visit Fravia's (now tsehp's) pages for info on everything.
Project 0 W32dasm Reversing
Project 1 Hexeditors and Other Tools
Project 2 Softice Reversing
Project 3 Dongle Cracking
Project 4 CD Rom Faking
Project 5 Netscape Reverse Engineering
Project 6 Function Disabled
Project 7 Most Stupid Protections
Project 8 Visual Basic
Project 9 Microsoft Bashing
Project Packer Packers and Unpackers
Programmers Corner How to Protect Better
Our Tools Programming Our Own
Project Timelock Reversing Timelock Protections
Advanced Cracking Advanced Cracking Techniques
PDF Files Working With
Fravia's Site...Frozen Sept 1999...100's of tuts 8.35 mbs...20 mbs unzipped
Tutorials The Keyboard Caper
All tKC's tuts that I had at January 2003(1 to 160 + 5 compilations). Click here to get them
Compilation Tuts 1 - 25 tKC
Compilation Tuts 26 - 50 tKC
Compilation Tuts 51 - 75 tKC
Compilation Tuts 1 - 100 tKC
Compilation Tuts 1 - 111 tKC
Obsolete Websites
Visit here for heaps of obsolete sites
CrackZ Site Site gone...these only the tuts off it
Fravia's Frozen Site..Sept 1999...100's of tuts 8.35 mbs...20 mbs unzipped
Immortal Descendants Site Site gone...this the complete site
Messing in Bytes Site Site gone...this the complete site
Stone's Webnote Complete site