You can download all the tuts off this page here

On this page, we got the tuts about the basics of what we should know.

"If you want to learn more on cracking and ask online questions goto #New2Cracking on the EFNet channel"

Lets go!!!!!!!

Without the tools it hard to do anything and the three tools you really got to have for most of the tuts are:

You can find them here, and other places too.

Crackpl Tools
Coders Domain
Learn to Crack'll find an earlier version of my site faithfully reproduced/pinched here!!

Ok, we got the tools, now we ready to make a start. Hmmm, not quite. That like walking before we crawl. First it be wise to read some/all of these excellent tuts so we get an idea of what involved. These first tuts give the basis of what we need to know BEFORE/AS we start, so read them then we ready to go!!!

Before We Start
Tutorial Author
Using The Tools
Some Tools Fravia
Softice...Basic Tips The Sandman
Configuring Softice Mammon
Setup Softice Greythorne
Softice for Newbies CoRN2
Softice Breakpoints Rhayader
Softice Breakpoints...Quick Reference ZeroDay
Useful Breakpoints Greythorne
Softice Install i_magnus
Basic Softice Icedragon
Softice...Boot Menu Part of TORN@DO's cRACKER'S nOTES
Softice...Setup Part of TORN@DO's cRACKER'S nOTES
Softice...Commands Part of TORN@DO's cRACKER'S nOTES
Softice...Using the Hmemcpy Function Volatility
Softice...two Methods Qapla
Useful API Calls with Softice Lockless
Improving Softice The Owl
BPX Detection & Tricking1 _duelist
BPX Detection & Tricking2 _duelist
Softice...Short Intro Renegade
Softice Initialization Strings ?ferret
Configure Softice Dat McCodEMaN
Softice...Advanced Commands Lord Soth
Softice...Commands Vip-Vop
Softice Internals...revision 2 Spath
How to Use the Invoke Function Acid_Cool_178
Dead Listing Tools Mammon
The Great Dead-Listing Excavations SvD
The Art of Deadlisting Indian_Trail
Using W32dasm...Very Basic Krobar
Using W32dasm...More Advanced MiZ
W32Dasm as Debugger LaZaRuS
IDA Pro Disassembling BlackB
IDA Information Various Authors
IDA Inhancer Patching the IDA.WLL Jean-Marc
IDA Tuts + Amantes ida Plugins Arrowfrog and Others
IDA PRO 3.8...Quick Start Guide DataRescue
IDA Primer Mammon
Smartcheck...Like Watching a Movie Fravia
VB Cracking...Compare Methods & Breakpoints Eternal Bliss
VB Cracking...Smartcheck Usage Eternal Bliss
Smartcheck 5 The Sandman
SmartCheck 6.03...Setup and use Skizo
Smartchecking VB Programs Hs2L
Win32...Replacement for Hmemcpy Function...vb apps Bruce Mckinney
Working With Procdump hades
Procdump...Unpack a Packed File alpine
ProcDump Automatik Script for Aspact 1.08.04 TaMaMBoLo
ProcDump Automatik Script for PCSHRINKER 0.71 TaMaMBoLo
ProcDump Automatik Script for PECompact 0.975b TaMaMBoLo
ProcDump Automatik Script for VGcrypt 0.75 beta TaMaMBoLo
DeDe Intro to using DeDe Fulgore
DeDe Reversing Delphi With... CYBER_DAEMON
Dede...Cracking Using... Godfather
Dede...the help pages Dafixer (I Guess)
isDcc Installshield Decompiler adq
TRW2000...Commands and Keys McCodEMaN
TRW2000 and Hmemcpy RalDnoR
Useful Tools in Cracking johnny_aum
Tools...How Do I Work With Them?? BlackB
Tools...Making Then Work Together Nolan Blender
Using Debug Renegade
Borland Resource Workshop A Mighty Tool Fravia
Using Filemon Jeff
Using Regmon Jeff
Using Hexworkshop MiZ
Using Hiew...Very Basic Krobar
Using the Registry Editor...Very Basic Krobar
Windows Registry...Part 1 Acid_Cool_178
Windows Registry...Part 2 Acid_Cool_178
Basic Assembly  
Newbie Guide to Assembly Cruehead
Newbie Guide to Registers Cruehead
Newbie Guide to Common Instructions Cruehead
Newbie Guide to The Stack Cruehead
Newbie Guide to Conditional Jumps Cruehead
Newbie Guide to Bitmanipulation Instructions Cruehead
Assembly for Beginners The Cyborg
Overview of Assembly Mammon
Assembly for Crackers CoRN2
Assembly for Crackers II LaZaRuS
Assembly...Quick Reference Nicholas Janzen
Adam's Assembler Tutorial 1.0 Adam...I Guess!!
Quick Reference Mini API List...Hlp Format +Sync
Quick Reference Opcodes...Hlp Format Hutch
Hex To Mnemonix Hutch
Identifying Function, Arguments, & Variables Rhayader
Assembly Programming 1 _masta
Assembly Programming 2 _masta
Simple Patcher in ASM Cruehead
API's & Using Them Rat Heart
Win32ASM Tut...Pointers fuzzyCaT
The Maths Co-Processor Cruehead
Assembly Language Reference Dr.ME
Calculating Offsets Lord Rhesus
Pentium Instruction Set Help Format Mindweaver??
Pentium Instruction Set Program Format SV
ASCII Characters...Hlp Format Unknown
ASM Intro Draeden
ASM Intro...Intro to 32Bit Assembler...hlp format ????
ASM...reference guide ProZaq
ASM v.2...reference guide ProZaq
Calls...and how they make use of the stack Ignatz
Numbers...About the notation of red-1
Quick Reference Opcodes...Html Format RalDnoR
Processor Basics...Processor and Memory Red-1
Reversing Generals...Good Guide Ignatz
General Beginner  
Crack any Registration Protection Suby
String Search to Register MaLiTTiA
Programming & Reverse Engineering on the PC Icedragon
The World of the Crack GEnius
Getting Started CrackZ
Starting a Crack LaZaRuS
Newbie Guide to Cracking CrackZ
The Mortal Crack FAQ wAj
The Mortal Crack FAQ 2 WaJ
Cracking for Dummies1 Fravia
Cracking for Dummies2 Fravia
What to Look For Cruehead
Basic Methods in Cracking widY@cL 2011
Guide to Crack Groups ZuLu
Guide to Approaches Bomber Monkey
Guide To Not Sucking Bomber Monkey
A DREADed Guide to Cracking MisterE
Crack Tips for Newbies LW2000
Starting Out attiTude
Software History & Cracking +Rcg
Antidebugging c4n
Cracking for Dummies Robin Hood
Shadows Tut to Win32 World Shadow
Newbie Cracking Tutorial Bisoux
Getting Started Tutorial NiTrO
dKC's Methods Tutorial dAKuRioUSCHiLD
The Cracking Tutorial...with examples SiGMA
The Penguins Cracking Tutorial The Penguin
Cracking Like Kwazy Kwazy Webbit
Make Your Own KeyGen ShADe
T.U.G....The Ultimate Guide to Cracking for Newbies yAtEs
A Cracking Tutorial for Newbies FlOrEsTaN
Ghiribizzo's Cracking Tutorial Ghiribizzo
Good Beginner Guide...Winzip Self-Extractor 2.1 BiSHoP
The "all new"-newbie tutorial! RevX
Finding Serials Excellent...Must Read!! HaNs
Patching Excellent...Must Read!!! HaNs
Cracking Tutorial - Part 1 TeCh~LoRd
A Beginners Tutorial ByteBurn
Software Re-engineering for Dummies : An Overview romeo
Ac|dFuSiO's_Newbie_Cracking_Aid Ac|dFuSiO
Uncle Joe's CrackBook ...volume 1 Uncle Joe
Very Easy Cracking ...Tutorial 1 BuLLeT
Very Easy Cracking ...Tutorial 2 BuLLeT
The Newbie Way Netvudu
Beginner Cracking Crashtest
Mastering The Art...Part I ArthaXerXes
Mastering The Art...Part II ArthaXerXes
Mastering The Art...Part III ArthaXerXes
Blind Angels' Tut for beginners Blind Angel
Rith Tutorial VB, Packed...excellent beginners Rith
Reverse Engineering on PC...Basic Concepts Icedragon
Cracking...An Intro Volatility
Basic Cracking Knowledge noodlespa
FAQ Questions Answered Cracking UK
General Cracking Tut _CbD_
Good Intro to Cracking Excellent for Beginners dr_daze
How to Crack Lesson 1 +ORC
How to Crack Lesson 2 +ORC
Quantum-X's Cracking Tut Quantum-X
SopheCumen Tutorials ShitHot Series of Tuts SopheCumen
Forgers Win32 API Tuts Good series of tuts Forger
Intro to Downloading Unzipping and Installing USA
Cracking Guide...Part 1 MR NICK
Cracking Guide...Part 2 MR NICK
Cracking Tutorial for a newbie Chopinman
How To Write a Tut ASTAGA
Learn to Crack...Generals Explained Ignatz
MaX's cracking tutorial for da poor...Tut and Targets MaX
Manually Upack PECompact V1.43...Tut and Target CoDe_InSiDe
Added Jan/02  
API Guide 3.6...835 functions in program form KPD-Team
Ascii Character Chart Dave Lord
ASCII ASCII equivalent of characters David De Groot
ASM Coding Detten
BRWorkshop...making password 'stars' visible Lord Caligo
BRWorkshop...use to edit menu choices Leita & Wieder
ByteBurn's Tut for Newbies...heaps of info here ByteBurn
Cracking Guide...For beginners (this a good one) Bengaly
Cracking...How to get started dC
Cracking...the basic rules!! ParaBytes
Cracking...Some Ways to Crack a program!! Invoker
Cracking Tutorial #1...with target hmemcpy
Cracking Tutorial...Part 1 TeCh~LoRd
Cracking Tutorial...Part 2 TeCh~LoRd
dRAg0n'S Cracking Lesson 1 dRAg0n
ED!SON's Windows 95 Cracking Tutorial...v1.oo ED!SON
ExDec...for Pcode VB apps...(with target) josephco
ExeScope...Remove a nag Sempai^LasH
How to Crack...Newbie Tutorial 1.0 SvenZZon
How to Crack...Version 2 for beginners -FlyeRacK-
IDA Tutorial Ghiribizzo
Mastering The Art...Part IV ArthaXerXes
Mastering The Art...Part V ArthaXerXes
Newbies Guide to Cracking...with examples ThrawN
Ollydbg 1.03...Using to debug Melody 1.52 Hoof Arted
Ollydbg 1.04...Using to debug Space 1.2 Hoof Arted
Patch Files...How to HaQue
Procdump...on ULead Cool 3D 2.5 Torn@do
Step by Step Guide...EZClean 4.0 meRlin
Step by Step Guide...Singularity 4.04 e-nigma
Softice Cracking Overview LW2000
Softice Command reference Numega I spose
Softice Manual...for dos...txt format Numega I spose
Softice, complete...pdf format Numega I spose
Softice...the very basics CrackZ
Softice Tut...basic SiONiDE
Tasm...tut about... Lucifer48
The #Cracking4Newbies FAQ Carpathia
Thinking Like a Cracker...a lesson for the beginner The_RudeBoy_
W32dasm Debugger...essay about how and when to use!! ParaBytes
W32dasm & Hiew...To Crack DeltaMail (with pics) Master_Of_Disaster
W32dasm & Hiew...Using to crack WebPublisher 2.3 Sempai^LasH
Windows 95 Cracking Intro eXact
Windows Registry Guide 2.1...Tips, tricks, & tweaks
Windows Registry Guide 3.4...Tips, tricks, & tweaks
Windows Registry...Torn apart Ankit Fadia
Win-eXpose-Registry...using to find missing regfile Punisher
Wizdec...Installshield Disassembler vman_
Lets Make a Start

Ok, we got through that??? Now we gonna make a start with our cracking.

Crackmes are made both to test our skill and give us experience at the different protection schemes that programs have (as well as coding experience for the people that write them, I guess). The benefit is that we just get the important protection scheme and not all the crap that goes with it. Don't get me wrong, the craps what we want, but we dont need it for now.

So what we gonna do is 'crack' some crackmes, starting with simple and moving on to more difficult. In this way we gonna gain experience at different protections and the tools we gotta use.

Lots of sites got crackmes, but the most I seen come from The Crackme Website....a great site!

We start with a crackme by Brad Soblesky.

  • First we find the serial number using softice.
  • Next we use W32dasm to look at the code to see where we can 'patch' it.
  • Next..we use Hiew to make changes permanent,
  • Then we use a patch machine to make our own 'crack'.
I read quite often that patching crackmes isnt normally encouraged, but I think we might be forgiven coz we just gaining experience!

By the way! You will notice that my tuts arent very commented. So if anybody wants to take the time to email me with anything to add...I be more than happy. Like I said earlier...I at very basic level, so are my tuts. But I found writing tuts a good way to increase my own knowledge, so, hehe, here they are!!!

Crackme Tutorial
Crackme1 by Brad Soblesky Kro_baR...Softice.................Tut 1
  Kro_baR...W32dsam............Tut 2
  Kro_baR...Hiew....................Tut 3
Download the whole lot! Kro_baR...Make a Crack....Tut 4

Ok. We on to our second crackme (it wasnt actually called crackme2, but I calling it that for our tuts). This one is by Acid Burn and has two levels and a nag that we have to disable.

  • The first level is a serial which we gonna use as a refresher.
  • The next level is name/serial so we'll give that a go.
  • We also going to patch it so that we can enter any name/serial. Patching is not normally 'allowed' with crackmes, but we going to do it to get the experience.
  • Then we going to disable the nag.
  • And yep...we also going to make a crack that gets rid of the nag, and allows us to enter any name/serial.

So get the crackme and have a look at it. See what it does then go to tut 5 in our series.

Lets Carry On
Crackme Tutorial
Crackme2 by Acid Burn Kro_baR...Serial.......................Tut 5
  Kro_baR...Name/Serial............Tut 6
  Kro_baR...Patching..................Tut 7
  Kro_baR...Nag: Sice/Hiew.......Tut 8
Download the whole lot! Kro_baR...Make a Crack........Tut 9

We now ready to start on some programs.

  • In Tut 10 we carry on from our serial fishing.
  • In Tut 11 we get rid of a nag and patch the time limit so we can use it forever!
  • In Tut 12 we crack an easy visual basic program Added Nov/00

Our First Programs
Author Tutorial
Krobar Program 1...................View     Download
Krobar Program 2...................View     Download
Krobar Program 3...................View     Download

Added Jan 2002 we gonna go on with some other projects written by other people!

  • Tut 13 is a coding project by roy.
  • Tut 14 is by HaQue.

More projects
Author Tutorial
roy Coding project...................Download
HaQue Crackme............................Download

Well that it for this page, for now. Keep checking back coz I be adding to it, especially for us newbies, and I hope you might have got something out of it.

The last eleven tutorials are really for those who know nothing (thats a little bit less than me) but maybe learn something about the tools we use, and a few instructions.
We should remember that there might be a few ways to crack the same program, and that there are many different protection schemes that program authors use, so the best thing to do is keep working at it.
Follow the tutorials from more experienced rengineers and keep learning.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you only gonna learn by doing so now it time to get into some of the other tuts youll find on these pages.

Good luck!!