Crackme 2 by Acid Burn...Make a Crack

By Krobar / Dec 1999

We done well so far.

Now we gonna make a small patch enabling us (or anyone else) to click on it and cause the code to change.

Actually we gonna cheat. We going to use one of the many patch engines available. There many about, and I used a few, but we gonna use Patch Creation Wizard v.1.2 coded by Teraphy/Phrozen crew. It small and does the job. Get it here, then unzip it in a folder and read what Teraphy got to say. (You can try other patchers from the sites in the links page if you want...there many good ones).

Ok, you back. Now we got everything we need to make a original unchanged version of crackme2; a patched version of crackme2; and the patch creation wizard.

Now it doesnt matter if everything in the one folder, but sometimes it easier, so copy the two versions (patched and unpatched) of crackme2 into the folder you got Patch creation wizard in...(or copy patch wizard into the folder you got crackme2 in).
I always find it better to copy stuff, instead of shifting it, coz then we still got our original versions in another folder, and we can play round with them some more. Remember, once we've made our crack and tried it out, we wont have an uncracked version anymore. So BACKUP stuff first.

Now click on Patch Creation Wizard, and it open. Click next and it should already be on Byte Patch. If you read the readme that came in the zip, you'll know that thats what we want. Click next, and stick in your name, the name of the crackme, and then browse to where the crackme is ( if you got it in the same folder as patcher then you already there), and click on the uncracked version of the crackme.

Click next and you presented with a screen asking for original file, and patched file. So for original...yeah you got it...browse to, then click on unpatched crackme2. For patched...browse to, then click on patched crackme2. Click next.

Creating patch. Cool. If you copied the crackme.exes into the same folder as the Patch Creation Wizard, you'll notice the addition of the patch in that folder. If you didnt copy them, you'll have to cruise to the folder where they are, and you'll see your new patch.exe there.

Finished. All you got to do is double click the patch (making sure it in the same folder as an unpatched version of crackme2), click patch, and it will write the changes to the crackme2.exe. Now when we click on crackme2, we get no nag, and we can enter any serial, serial/name...and ...yep registered.

Thats it for crackme2. I think we gave it a good hammering, or as as I say: we Kro_baR'd it to death.

It now time to try what we have learned on a 'real' program. So go to the next tut in this series and we give one a go.