A newbie guide to Assembler programming

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...is a short Assembler (from now on called asm) tutorial for all you newbies out there who wants to learn the noble art of cracking. Did I hear a "No - I dont want to learn asm, I want to crack!" somewhere? Well, if you dont know the basics in asm, you'll never be a cracker! I thought I heard a "Why is that?" somewhere out there as well. You need to know asm because you will never deal with a high-level language source (Like C, Pascal or Basic) when you're cracking, only with machine level code (which is the same as asm).

So - let's begin, shall we?

REGISTERS - What are they, and how can I use them?
THE STACK - What is it?, how does it work?
COMMON INSTRUCTIONS - You'll end up having nightmares about these!
PATCHER ASM SOURCE - The asm source for a simple patcher.

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