Tutorial on Hiew!
By Krobar

Nov 99

Here a quick tut on how to start off with Hiew...I using hiew 6.15

First we gotta install it. Just make a directory and unzip in it....could be C:\Hiew, or like me, C:\Program files\Hiew...

Before we peek at the program, we gonna make a change to Hiew.ini....it in the Hiew directory.

Double click on it...should open in notepad, and you see the top line say StartMode? We got three choices: Text/Hex/Code. We wanna start in code...coz this the mode we make most of our changes in...so after the = sign put Code, then we got StartMode = Code. Save it then we ready:

Once you got it unzipped just double click on the Hiew.exe and it open. When its open you can see it run in dos and you'll see a list of things in the hiew directory.

Unless you put the program you want to change in the hiew directory, we have to go to the directory where it is. We use the up/down arrow and enter keys to scroll through the different directories (or use the Page Up and Page Down Keys for big jumps).
At the top of the Hiew screen is >UP DIR< and it should be highlighted...in black. When it is, push enter, and we out of Hiew folder looking at other folders. Just use the arrow and enter/return keys to get to the folder where our target is.
For example. If you got Hiew in C:/Program Files, then once you out of the Hiew directory you'll be in the program files directory, and in your hiew window, you'll see a list of everything in there. Use the up arrow to go up so that >UP DIR< is highlighted...in black, click enter and you be in C directory. So just scroll to where our target is then highlight it and push enter. We now loaded Hiew.

There a simpler way that I use...thanks to someones?? tut I read. You can drag the target program and drop it on Hiew.exe and hiew opens with target loaded. Easiest way is to make a shortcut to hiew on your desktop (have the hiew directory open so you can see hiew.exe, and also have a bit of the desktop visible. right click on hiew.exe and holding right mouse down, drag to the desktop. Release right mouse and choose Create Shortcut Here)...or if you got quick launch toolbar, just have it there. You might also find it easier to have Hiew open in full screen...click up the top on the button in middle with the 4 arrows facing outwards.

Ok, our program is open in Hiew....in Code mode. To change the mode (if we need to), push enter/return and you in text mode...enter/return again and you in hex mode...again back to code mode.

Along the bottom you'll see the functions and what they do.. F1, F2 etc,

but here a list of the ones you probably use.
  • F4...another way of changing modes.
  • F5...allows you to go to a particular point in the code. You can either enter the offset (you'll know what these are after reading some tuts) then push enter/return to get there, or, enter the address of where you are going and push enter/return.
    Note: If you enter the actual address, you have to put a dot (fullstop) BEFORE the address. Both ways work.
  • F3...lets you modify the code..make the changes you want.
  • F9...updates the program, makes the changes you made permanent. N.B. you'll notice that in the above pic, F9 says Files. Once youve pushed F3 to get into edit mode, F9 will be called UpDate
  • F10...gets you out of Hiew...Esc does the same.

So for instance, if you know the offset, or address, of the place that you want to change the code, you would load the target in hiew, (since we changed hiew.ini our hiew already opens in code mode), push F5 and you would see this (you'll notice I already added offset 1595):

and we put the offset (or address with fullstop in front) and push enter...you see the offset I put was 1595...and you will be taken to that place in the program.

You'll see the cursor square over the 75. So if you changing the 75 just push F3 (edit mode...and cursor square will turn into a line under the 7. Type the number you want eg. 74 or whatever... moving the edit line over with the right or left arrow. When you made the changes you want...push F9. This makes the changes permanent. If you want to change the 16 then just move the cursor over with the right arrow button and type the change we want, then F9 to update the program. If you dont push F9 then the changes wont be permanent.

To get out of hiew you push Esc. Also for example: if you push F3 and make a change and havent pushed F9 yet, but you suddenly realize it the wrong change (in other words you fucked up), just push Esc and you will be taken back to the previous screen/mode.

Thats the basics...hope it helps!!