Setting Up the Softice Initialization String by ?ferret

Setting up your softice initialization string can make your life a lot easier, since you won't have to change all the settings in Softice every time you boot your computer ;-)

Here is an example init string followed by explanations of each part. This is not a "complete" list of all options, just an example. You can look up this info and more in your Softice manual. ;-)

Code ON; Faults Off; Lines 50; WD 20; WC 20; Color 1F 10 E4 E8 CF; X;

Okay, now for the explanations.

Code On - Will show you the hexidecimal notation for each line of code...very handy for figuring out what to change in your hexeditor (unless of course you use Hiew, which lets you make changes in ASM)

Faults Off - Keeps softice from popping up & annoying the hell out of you when a page fault occurs

Lines 50 - Number of lines in the softice window

WD 20 - Number of lines in the Data Window

WC 20 - Number of lines in the Code Window

Note: There are other toggles for windows too...Watch, Locals, Registers, etc.

Color 1F 10 E4 E8 CF - The color scheme of the softice window. The format is as follows:

Color [Normal Bold Reverse Help Line];

Code     Color               Code     Color
  0      Black                9       Light Blue
  1      Blue                 A       Light Green
  2      Green                B       Light Cyan
  3      Cyan                 C       Light Red
  4      Red                  D       Light Magenta
  5      Magenta              E       Yellow
  6      Brown                F       White
  7      Grey
  8      Dark Grey

You can use 1 or 2 characters for each value in the Color string.
They all are in the syntax of Background/Foreground
(i.e. 1F would be White on Blue) If you only use one value, Black is assumed for the background.

X - Basically a Ctrl-D, This command is in the init string
by default, to keep the softice screen from popping up
as soon as it loads while you're booting your PC.

Well, there you have it, in a nutshell. As mentioned before,
all this and more is available in your Softice Command Reference.

GREETZ & THANX to all of the people who've helped me @ the Newbies Forum. (I'm too damn lazy to type all the names ;-))
plistic [] is a sure way to get