Title: How to install warez
Author: USA (Ultimate Sanity in Anarchy)
Author Contact: usa@tex-is.net
Date: March 8th, 2000
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This tutorial is only for the "newbies" that have not downloaded and installed warez very much. This tutorial will teach you how to download, extract, and install warez. I get some e-mails saying things like: I downloaded some game and i un-ziped it and now i have an .ace file what do i do and other stuff like that. Everyone has been there at some time or another. Several years ago I did not know how to open a zip file, this was several years ago he he.

Let me first explain that there are several types of compression programs. The most common is .zip. I use winzip to open .zip files. But, there are many more and there is a good reason for this. .zip has a major limitation that requires warez groups to either use .rar or .ace usually. The main reason is if I wanted to .zip a 200 mb game up, the only thing I can do in .zip is make one huge file. Depending on the game and files, lets say it ended up being a 150mb .zip file.

Well, warez groups do not want to have one huge 150 mb file for several reasons as you can imagine. So they use usually .rar or .ace because those compression programs split the "big zip" into several small .zips often called disks. So you would end up with something like game.rar, game.r00, game.r01, etc or game.ace, game.c01, game.c02, etc.

Then a warez group will usually zip each of those files. So when you get the program you will have to un-zip each disk then you will either have to un-rar it or un-ace it. A few of the reasons they zip the rar or ace files is when the warez is going from site to site, place to place some places like to put a little .txt or .nfo file in the .zips letting people know where the file came from. Also, if you put a file like game.c03 on some web server, when you open it it will just "spill out" on the screen instead of giving you a save option like a zip file does.

I know you might not care about all this, but I think understanding how things work is a lot better than memorizing how to do something. If you understand something, you should know how to use it without having to memorize some set of steps that you do not even understand.

Okay, so all that crap above means when you get some program you are usually going to get a bunch of .zip files that have either .rar or .ace files in them. What you have to do is download every disk, unzip each one, then un-rar or un-ace them. Then you either will run some setup.exe, play the game, or you need to read the .nfo files to see what to do next.

I am going to go a step further than most tutorials go on this matter. I am going to show you step by step how to install most any warez you download. First you need to download winzip, winrar, and winace. You need to install each one of these of course also.

Get WinZip Here. Download the newest Evaluation Version. This is a shareware program. You either need to buy it or crack it later on or the damn nag screens will annoy you to death.

Get WinRar Here. This is also shareware, but the nag screens are not as bad.

Get WinAce Here. Also shareware.

Do a search at google.com for Msvbvm60.dll. You need this for the tutorial. You might have it already. Its a self ex-tracting zip.

I am going to assume you can download and install these yourself. If you can't then you have no chance of installing warez. You need to get a friend or someone to help you and show you how.

Okay, you got all your compression programs installed and your ready to try to install a warez program. I have set up four tutorials in order from easiest to hardest. There are several ways to do these tutorials, but if your reading then just do it my way. There is pretty good instructions on how to do each tutorial. Lets get started.

Tutorial #1

Okay you got a typical warez site, Lets say you want some small app, lets call it "warez zip." So you click your way to the appz page and click on the "warez zip" link and it takes you to something like this.
Some Cool Warez Site


Warez Zip 2.0

download here

Okay I want you to now download that file there and save it to your desktop or wherever you want. Its not really any pirated app, its just a little example i made to show you how to install warez. This file will be very small, normally you would have to download bigger files, but this is just for demonstration.

Okay so you saved this on your hard drive and you know where it is. Go to your start menu and open up winzip. Then click the big open button and make your way to the place you saved the file to and open it up. You should see two files in the winzip menu, setup.dat and setup.exe.

Now I want you to click on extract, then extract these files to your desktop or where ever you want. Then go to where you extracted them to and run the setup.exe file.

Hopefully you see the lame little vb program i made that says you did everything right. If not try this again, make sure you follow this step by step.

You can now delete the setup.exe, setup.dat, and somewarez.zip. Please do that now.

Tutorial #2

Tutorial one is pretty easy, most people can get that far without any help. But, most warez you get are going to be like this tutorial. This is where the program was RARed and ZIPed. A lot of new warez surfers download these files, unzip them and can't figure out what to do with it then.

Okay lets say you want some hot new game that came out called "The Warez Game." Just like before you went to some warez site, went to his game section and clicked on a link for "The Warez Game" and now your at a page like this.

Some Cool Warez Site


The Warez Game

cdkey 11002445-457254-42574

Okay make a directory on your desktop called "tutorial 2" and download ALL these files to that directory. Also, see how there is a cdkey on the page. You might want to either copy that or make note of it because you will probably need it.

Okay so you now have all 7 of those files on your computer like i told you to. What I want you to do is make a directory inside "tutorial 2" called temp. I want you to extract every one of those zip files to that temp directory. Now you should have a bunch of files somewarez.rar, somewarez.r00, somewarez.r01, etc. in the temp directory.

This is where you want to load up WinRar. Click your way to the windows\desktop\tutorial 2\temp\ directory. In winrar you should now see all those rar files, double click on the somewarez.rar file. You should see setup.dat now, sorrta like when you were in winzip on tutorial 1. Now click on Extract and it will ask you if you want to Process all files in all current volumes, Process selected files only, or Cancel. When your installing warez you almost always want to Process all files in all current volumes. So click on that.

Well if you did everything right you can now close winrar, and make your way to that tutorial 2/temp folder and you will see the rar files still there and some new files called setup.exe and setup.dat. Now run setup.exe and you would be installing your game. Which you would probably need that cdkey for on the warez page you downloaded it from. This is one of the most common ways you will install warez, especially gamez released by big groups. Most of the time it will be this way or the next way, which is just .ace instead of .rar.


Tutorial #3

This tutorial is going to be real similar to the one before. Since it so similar I am going to teach you a few more things. Lets say you want to download some small graphic program called "Warez Paint." You go to your favorite warez site, click your way to appz and click on "Warez Paint."
Some Cool Warez Site


Warez Paint


Download Here


Okay let me explain something. You do not have to vote to download. Some times you have to click the voting link, yes because of a java script. But you never have to do anything more than click the vote link and close it as soon as it pops up. Most of the time you don't even have to do that.

Make a directory on your desktop or where ever called tutorial 3 and download all these files. There is a total of 3 files.  Okay just like last time I want you to make a directory called temp inside tutorial 3 and un-zip all these files to that directory. Click your way to that directory and into the temp directory where you just unziped the files. You should have somewarez.ace, somewarez.c00, and somewarez.c01.

This is an .ace file about like a .rar file, you just have to use a different program to open it, WinAce of course. So I want you to start up winace, click on the open icon at the top and open up somewarez.ace. Now click on extract and extract them to that temp folder.

Now just run the setup.exe file there and you would have been on your way to installing some warez.

Tutorial #4

Okay this is the final tutorial. If you can do the tutorials above without a problem then this one should not be very hard. Only thing is when you finally get to the files you need to read the .nfo file there to see how to install. Open this with notepad or some other text editor.
Some Cool Warez Site


Warez Paint


Download Here