TORN@DO presents: cRACKER's n0TES

Following is a list of commands for SoftICE. SoftICE is worth being studied ... the more about SoftICE you know the faster you can crack (Assembly Knowledge Needed Of Course).

Basic Stuff

?                             Evulate Expression
A                             Assemble code
ADDR                          Display/Change address contents
BC                            Clear Breakpoint
BD                            Disable Breakpoint
BE                            Enable Breakpoint
BL                            List current Breakpoints
BPE                           Edit Breakpoint
BPT                           Use Breakpoint as a template
BPM, BPMB, BPMW, BPMD         Breakpoint on memory access
BPR                           Breakpoint on memory range
BPIO                          Breakpoint on I/O port access
BPINT                         Breakpoint on Interrupt
BPX                           Breakpoint on execution
BPMSG                         Breakpoint on windows message
C                             Compare two data blocks
CLASS                         Display window class information
D, DB, DW, DD, DS, DL, DT     Display memory
DATA                          Change data window
E, EB, EW, ED, EL, ET         Edit memory
EXIT                          EXIT
F                             Fill memory with data
FORMAT                        Change format of data window
G                             Go to address
H                             Help on specific function
HBOOT                         System boot (total reset)
HERE                          Go to current cursor line
HWND                          Display window handle information
M                             Move Data
MOD                           Display windows module list
P                             Step skipping calls, Int, etc
R                             Display/Change Register contents
S                             Search for data
T                             Single Step one instruction
TASK                          Display windows task list
THREAD                        Display thread information
U                             Un-Assemblers instructions
VER                           SoftICE Version
WATCH                         Add watch
WHAT                          Identify the type of expression
WMSG                          Display windows messages
X                             Return to host debugger or program

Advanced Stuff
CPU                           Display CPU register information
GDT                           Display global descriptor table
GENINT                        Generate an interrupt
HEAP                          Display windows global heap
LHEAP                         Display windows local heap
IDT                           Display interrupt descriptor table
I, IB, IW, ID                 Input data from I/O Port
O. OB, OW, OD                 Output data form I/O Port
LDT                           Display local descriptor table
MAP32                         Display 32Bit section map
MAPV86                        Display v86 memory map
PAGE                          Display page table information
PCI                           Display PCI device information
PEEK                          Read from physical address
PHYS                          Display all virtual addresses for physical address
POKE                          Write to physical address
PROC                          Display process information
QUERY                         Display process virtual address space map
TSS                           Display task state segment
STACK                         Display call stack
VCALL                         Display VxD calls
VM                            Display virtual machine information
VXD                           Display windows VxD map
XFRAME                        Display active exeption frames

Mode Control
FAULTS                        Enable/Disable SoftIce fault trapping
I1HERE                        Direct INT1 to SoftICE
I3HERE                        Direct INT3 to SoftICE
SET                           Change an internal variable
ZAP                           Zap embedded INT1 or INT3

Customization Commands
ALTKEY                        Set key sequence to invoke window
ANSWER                        Auto-answer and redirect console to modem
CODE                          Display insctruction bytes in code window
COLOR                         Display/Set screen colors
DEX                           Display/Assign window data expression
DIAL                          Redirect console to modem
FKEY                          Display/Set function keys
LINES                         Set/Display number of lines on screen
MACRO                         Define a named macro command
PAUSE                         Control display scroll mode
PRN                           Set printer output port
SERIAL                        Redirect console
TABS                          Set/Display tab setting

Window Commands
.                             Locate current instruction
EC                            Enable/Disable code window
WC                            Toggle code window
WD                            Toggle data window
WF                            Toggle float point stack window
WL                            Toggle locals window
WR                            Toggle register window
WW                            Toggle watch window

Window Control
ALTSCR                        Change to alternate display
CLS                           Clear window
FLASH                         Restore screen during P and T
RS                            Restore program screen

Symbole/Source Commands
EXP                           Display export symbols
FILE                          Change/Display current source file
LOCALS                        Display locals currently in scope
SRC                           Toggle between source, mixed & code
SS                            Search source module for string
SYMLOC                        Relocate symbol base
TAB                           Select/Remove symbol table
TYPES                         List all types, or display type defination

Back Trace Commands
SHOW                          Display from backtrace buffer
TRACE                         Enter backtrace simulation mode
XT                            Step in trace simulation mode
XP                            Program step in trace simulation mode
XG                            Go to address in trace simulation mode
XRSET                         Reset backtrace history buffer

Special Operators
.                             Preceding a decimal number specifies a line number
$                             Preceding an address specifies SEGMENT addressing
#                             Preceding an address specifies SELECTOR
@                             Preceding an address

The cRACKER's n0tES are divided into 10 main parts:
 00. INDEX
 01. Assembly for Crackers (CoRN2)
 02. SoftICE (Boot Menu, Setup, Commands)
        1 Boot Menu
        2 Setup
        3 Commands
 03. Breakpoints & Win API Details
 04. Jump Instructions
 05. SET Instructions
 06. Tips & Tricks for Cracking
 07. Window Messages For Crackers
 08. Identifying Functions, Arguments, and Variables (Rhayader)
 09. Commerical Protection Systems
 10. Bitmanipulation (Cruehead)
 11. General Cracking Theory
 12. FAQ

 +A. How to contact me
 +B. What's New?

The cRACKER's n0TES are Copyright © 1998-2000 by TORN@DO. All Rights Reserved.