Easy Visual Basic Cracking

By Krobar / Aug 2000
Tut 12

The program..........VRKitchen...version 2.5.21......get it here
The tools................Smartcheck.... I using version 6.3...get it from one of the links off my links page

Well I afraid I dont know nothing about this program. It was sent to me from someone who asked for a hand with cracking it, but didnt give me a valid email, so they didnt hear back from me. It is written in visual basic so I decided to use it as tut 12 coz it is an example of an easy program to crack using smartcheck.

Now before we start, you obviously gotta have smartcheck, so get it, then there one or two settings we gotta tweak for our purposes. There no point in me repeating what Eternal Bliss got to say about this tool, so I not going to...just read these two tuts by him, then we ready to go!
Guide to Visual Basic Cracking 1 Compare Methods & Breakpoints
Guide to Visual Basic Cracking 2 SmartCheck Usage
And check out his site: http://www.eternal-bliss.net/

Ok. After you read and followed the tuts...we ready!!

First...how we know if the program we got is a visual basic. The quickest way is to right click and check the .exe in quickview. Scroll down and look at the Import Table. We looking for maybe one of these: vb40032.dll; MSVBVM50.DLL; MSVBVM60.DLL. Try it on program we gonna look at: VRKitchen.exe.

Anyway, once we know it written in VB, start SmartCheck, go to File, then Open...and, yeah you got it, scroll to the folder where you put the program, then open VRKitchen.

Now when I open a program, it minimises in the bottom left of the smartcheck window, so I assume it the same for you...now we gotta run the program.

There two ways we can do this...either go to menu item Program and select Start, or go to the green triangle menu button (4th from right), and click it. Whichever way, will start the program.

Three windows should appear: left, right, and bottom, with lines of text appearing in the left window, and eventually the registration box will open, with two check boxes...Trial Version, and Full Version. Trial Version will be checked. We dont want this, so put the check next to Full Version, put in a serial, and click ok.

Check out figure 1 if you want

Also may notice that I only got two windows...left and right! Well we dont need the bottom one so if you left click your mouse on the top line of the bottom window, you be able to drag it down out of view so only the two windows are visible.

Anyway, once we clicked the ok button a box will pop up saying incorrect code entered (unless you got the code right), click ok on incorrect code box, and more text will appear in the left smartcheck window. Somewhere in this text we hope to see something we want to see.

Now what we got to do now is click Show All Events. This is found either in the View menu, or the 6th button from the right...(the one with the yellow speech bubble), But first it be wise to highlight a line...because...there gonna be a lot of shit once we hit this button, and if we highlight a line at least we got some idea of where we are!!

If you look down the list of text you'll notice the line frmUnlock.Show. This was the last line of text before we hit the ok button (see last pic), so we know that any code earlier than this is not to do with the registration check! This the one we gonna highlight. Single left mouse click once on this line, then click show all events, and it should look like this (f**k this pic worse than last one).

Check out figure 2 if you want!!

You may be able to see from the position of the scroller, how much code we would have had to wade through if we hadnt highlighted the line we did.

Now if you look some lines below 'frmUnlock.Show' you see various lines like __vbaVarDup and __vbaStrVarMove etc (N.B. its a double underscore). If you took any notice of Eternal Bliss Tuts you know that these are various string manipulations used by visual basic programs. Now quite often I remember we look for a string compare coz that what happens when there a check between the serial we entered and the correct one. According to Eternal Bliss, the api call for a string compare in visual basic is __vbastrcmp and if you scroll down a bit down the lines of text in smartcheck, you will see just this:

__vbaStrCmp(String:"468460", String:"999999999...")returns DWORD:1

and if you hightlight the line, it will open in the right window.

Check out figure 3 if you want!!

Hmmm....looks like two strings getting compared, and one of them is the serial I entered....wonder what the other one is???

You might also notice a couple a lines below this, a line that says

__vbaStrCat(String:"|",String:"Incorrec...") returns DWORD:690A6C

and we can assume that this the message that we get after the rego check.

Exit out of smartcheck, or minimize, then jam the number in VBKitchen and see what happen!! (P.S. Your number might be different...I had a few different ones).

Well I know this not much of a tut, but maybe it just get you a little familiar with smartcheck. I know that lotta people think tuts like this are shit, but I remember the good feeling I got when I followed tut that told me exactly what to do, and I managed it. So I say fuckem to anyone who cant remember that feeling, and you shouldnt been reading this tut!! Like I said before My tuts for Newbies.