Available SDK's

21/11/13 - It has been brought to my attention that the password(s) to all the files I maintain here have been leaked on several messageboards despite my polite request to keep them private or amongst those *known* in the scene. Since they are now out in the wild I have removed all direct download links to the files as they can be found elsewhere, this has the added benefit of saving my host a significant amount of bandwidth.

All future requests will now be decided on a case-by-case basis.


Hardlock / HASP, iButton, KeyLok, MicroGuard, Proteq, Rockey, SSPro, UniKey, Wibu.


FLEXlm v5.x Archive - v5.0b, v5.0e, v5.12 (12.7Mb's).
FLEXlm v6.x Archive - v6.0k, v6.1g (12.7Mb's).
FLEXlm v7.0x Archive - v7.0a, v7.0b, v7.0d, v7.0e, v7.0f, v7.0g (35.2Mb's).
FLEXlm v7.1x Archive - v7.1b, v7.1c, v7.1d, v7.1e, v7.1f (57.1Mb's).
FLEXlm v7.2x Archive - v7.2a, v7.2c, v7.2d, v7.2e, v7.2f, v7.2g, v7.2h, v7.2i (84.6Mb's).
FLEXlm v8.0x Archive - v8.0b, v8.0c, v8.0d (42Mb's).
FLEXlm v8.1, v8.3 & v8.4 Archive - v8.1a, v8.1b, v8.3b, v8.4a, v8.4b (79.4Mb's).
FLEXlm v9.0, v9.2.2, v9.2i, v9.2k, v9.5.3 Archive (95Mb's).
FlexNet v11.7.0 x64 (132Mb's)
FlexNet v11.8.0 i86_n3 (120Mb's).
FlexNet v11.9.0.0 build 87342 (118Mb's).
FlexNet v11.9.1 i86_n3 (134Mb's).
FlexNet v11.9.1 x64 (154Mb's).
FlexNet v11.11.00.00 build 106800 (179Mb's).

RLM / SentinelLM / RMS

RLM all versions.
SentinelLM v7.0/v7.1/v7.2/v7.3/v8.0.
SentinelLM RMS v8.3/v8.4.