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Rohitab API Monitor

Tool name: Rohitab API Monitor
Rating: 5.0 (1 vote)
Author: Rohitab Batra                        
Current version: v2 (Alpha-r13) (and old stable 1.5b)
Last updated: March 14, 2013
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Freeware
Description: API Monitor is a free software that lets you monitor and control API calls made by applications and services. Its a powerful tool for seeing how applications and services work or for tracking down problems that you have in your own applications.

* Supports monitoring of 32-bit and 64-bit applications and services
* API Definitions for over 15,000 API’s from 200 DLL’s and over 17,000 methods from 1,800+ COM Interfaces (Shell, Web Browser, DirectShow, DirectSound, DirectX, Direct2D, DirectWrite, Windows Imaging Component, Debugger Engine, MAPI etc)
* Decode and display 2000 different structures and unions, 1000+ Enumerated data types, 800+ flags. Buffers and arrays within structures can also be viewed
* Display input and output buffers
* Call Tree display which shows the hierarchy of API calls
* Decode Parameters and Return Values
* Control the target application by setting breakpoints on API calls
* Instant monitoring of any API from any DLL without requiring any definitions
* Memory Editor that lets you view, edit and allocate memory in any process
* Dynamic Call Filtering capabilities which allows you to hide or show API calls based on a certain criteria
* Supports monitoring of COM Interfaces
* Decode error codes and display friendly messages by calling an appropriate error function to retrieve additional information about the error
* Capture and view the call stack for each API call
* Custom DLL Monitoring - Supports creating definitions for any DLL or COM Interface
* Support for filtering calls by threads
* Displays the duration for each API call
* Process detection and notification
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