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JABi (Just Another Bin2inc)

Tool name: JABi (Just Another Bin2inc)
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: PsYcHoCoDe                        
Website: N/A
Current version: 0.0a
Last updated: April 20, 2012
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Freeware
Description: -> What's NEW in v.0.0a:
+ SYNTAX: the D programming language now supported :P
+ SYNTAX: Windows Registry Entry
+ Added: lil' bit better documented plugin sample and SDK...
+ Added: CRC32 internal function is now accessible for use in your plugins ;)
- Bugfix: tiny C syntax problem...
Enjoy! ;)

-> JABi is a binary file to source include file generator. The 'syntaxes' are the supported output formats >:)

*** Why could i possibly need ANOTHER tool for this job?!
-> JABi is actually *REALLY FAST* and *TINY* (pure ASM code), totally commandline driven (to use it in your compilation scripts), has support for Pre/PostProcessing PLUGINS! and currently supports MASM/TASM/FASM, C, NASM, D language and Windows Registry Entry Syntaxes. I'm planning on expanding the 'supported syntax' list, depending on your feedback, of course, any suggestions are encouraged ;)

*** You said something about pre/postprocessing plugins -> now what the hell is that?!
-> These plugins are actually DLLs, so one could easily expand his JABi features :P Preprocessors receive control just before the actual dumping of the binary file to the memory, while postprocessors execute right after the dumping to memory! So basically, the coder has the full control over what is getting dumped and how it's gonna look in the end of the process >:) The only limit is the coder's imagination actually :P

*** That sound's nice, actually... So, how do I create a new *Processor?!
-> I've included a lil' SDK in the package. It's done in MASM32, but i'm ready to include user contributed SDK's in the package, any ports of the SDK will be appreciated. I just code mostly asm.

*** Are combined plugins a supported option?! (PREPROCESSOR+POSTPROCESSOR=Single Plugin)
-> Yep, they sure ARE supported. However, if you specify such a combined plugin only as a POSTPROCESSOR on the command line, it's PREPROCESSING phase WILL NOT BE executed, and vice versa. If one want's to use BOTH processor phases, he MUST supply BOTH PRE and POST parameter @ the command line the given plugin's name. Actually the plugin example, bundled with the SDK is such a combined processor ;)

*** I LiKE the tool! How could I assist in the further development?
-> You could send plugins you've developed, send samples of other syntaxes, that aren't currently supported by JABi, so i am able to further expand the list... I'm open to any kind of support and ideas on this tiny project.

PS: I believe there's need for a new category for this kind of tools (binary/source embedders maybe, just an idea), since they're must-have for anyone, who digs selfmodifying code, be it a software protectionist, reverse engineer or whatever. The problem comes, when one get's to need one of those, since there're plenty of 'solutions' in the field, but almost none of them is actually suitable for such coder's needs... :/ That was actually why I coded this one... I hope you'll like it...
Related URLs:
This is kind of a JABi's webpage, but it's not accessible in some countries at all... :/:

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