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Tool name: Bastard
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Current version: 0.16
Last updated: 2002
Direct D/L link: N/A
License type: Free / Open Source
Description: The Bastard is a disassembler -- or, more appropriately, a disassembly environment. The idea is that you have an interpreter, much as you would in Perl or Python, which allows you to load files, disassemble them, dump the disassembly, write/run macros, and various other operations. The x86 instruction disassembler written for this project has been packaged seperately as libdisasm, and is intended to be used in other open source projects.

This interpreter can be used interactively, it can be fed commands via STDIN [just like a scripting interpreter], and it can be communicated with via a pair of FIFOs. Now, on top of this any number of UI front ends can be stacked -- ncurses console front ends, Gtk X front-ends, Tk front ends, etc. It is the reponsibility of the front-ends to display the information obtained by querying the disassembler, supplying syntax highlighting, displaying strings, xrefs, etc; however the disassembler will retain all of this information, do all of the 'brute' processing, and will provide any of the information when requested.

The bastard currently runs on x86 Linux and FreeBSD [CVS version]. It can disassemble x86 ELF, a.out, and PE files as well as flat binary files [.com, .bin].
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