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Tool name: .netshrink
Rating: 5.0 (1 vote)
Author: Bartosz W√≥jcik                        
Current version: 2.7
Last updated: July 2, 2016
Direct D/L link:
License type: Shareware
Description: .netshrink is an exe packer (aka executable compressor). It means it can take your Windows or Linux .NET application executable file, compress it, add unpacking code to the output file while leaving it fully functional but with decreased size.

.netshrink uses LZMA compression algorithm to achieve maximum compression ratios.

With .netshrink you can password protect your applications, it will be impossible to run it without the proper password.

Password protection uses verification based on SHA256 hash function and 256 bit AES / Rijndael encryption.

With .netshrink you can also bind multiple DLL libraries to the output file so you can redistribute your application as a standalone file

Version history


* Strong-Name Signing added
* Digital Code Signing added (support for double signatures, compatible with Windows 10)


* Cecil library updated to the latest version
* .netshrink's main executable and setup file digitally signed
* default expiration date added for the compressed applications in demo mode (7 days)
* minor GUI improvements


* .NET 4.5 detection added
* .NET Framework detection improved
* .NET 4.x loader bugs removed Drag&Drop bugs removed


* detection of the .NET Framework (using native loader)
* command line parameters parsing fixed
* known issues section added to the help file
* minor bugs fixed

* project files support added
* list of locally stored passwords added
* fixed bugs with handling x64 applications

* original assembly CPU architecture preservation
* running compressed assemblies from the UNC paths fixed

* virtual DLL libraries binding to the output executable file
* detection of cracking and unpacking tools
* backup file creation
* original assembly name, copyright and company information preservation

* detection of already compressed applications
* minor bugs fixed

* resources preservation (all resources, including icons, manifests etc.)
* compression of command line executables
* support added for .NET Framework 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
* .NET Framework auto detection
* updated password query dialogs
* enter password from the command line for protected files
* minor bugs fixed
* help file updated to .chm format

* first public release
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