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x86 Disassembly Using C and Assembly Language

Item name: x86 Disassembly Using C and Assembly Language
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Last updated: January 14, 2008
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This book is about the disassembly of x86 machine code into human-readable assembly, and the decompilation
of x86 assembly code into human-readable C or C++ source code. Some topics covered will be common to all
computer architectures, not just x86-compatible machines.

This book is going to look in-depth at the disassembly and decompilation of x86 machine code and assembly
code. We are going to look at the way programs are made using assemblers and compilers, and examine the way
that assembly code is made from C or C++ source code. Using this knowledge, we will try to reverse the
process. By examining common structures, such as data and control structures, we can find patterns that enable
us to disassemble and decompile programs quickly.
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