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Stuxnet's Rootkit (MRxNet) into C++

Item name: Stuxnet's Rootkit (MRxNet) into C++
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Author: Amr Thabet                        
Home URL:
Last updated: January 28, 2011
Version (if appl.): 1.00
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
Description: This project is to convert mrxnet.sys into readable C++ source code very similar to the equivalent native code in mrxnet.sys sample .

These Files (except mrxnet.sys) were created by Amr Thabet and coyrighted (c) by him

1.mrxnet.sys : The rootkit sample
2.mrxnet.idb : The IDA Pro database for Version 5.1
3.main.c : The main source code of mrxnet.sys rootkit sample (created by reversing manually of mrxnet.sys with only IDA Pro)
4.FastIo.c : The FastIoDispatch (you could ignore this part

The others are used for compiling the source code

The source code is 95% similar to the real rootkit but that doesn't mean it should work exactly like mrxnet.sys as it still contain bugs and need to be fixed
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Screenshot of Stuxnet's Rootkit (MRxNet) into C++

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