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Stealth MBR Rootkit

Item name: Stealth MBR Rootkit
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Author: GMER                        
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Last updated: January 2, 2008
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Description: At the end of 2007 stealth MBR rootkit was discovered by MR Team members (thanks to Tammy & MJ) and it looks like this way of affecting NT systems could be more common in near future if MBR stays unprotected.

"Good points" of being MBR rootkit:
full control of machine boot process-code is executed before the OS starts
rootkit does not need a file - code could exists in some sectors of the disk and it cannot be deleted as a usual file
rootkit does not need any registry entry because it is loaded by MBR code
to hide itself, rootkit needs to control only a few sectors of the disk

How MBR rootkit works :
MBR loader
Kernel patcher
Kernel driver loader
Sectors hider/protector
Kernel driver
Rootkit removal
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