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"Skype" Trojan AnalysisA Journey to the Center of the Rustock.B RootkitAbusing Mach on Mac OS X
Advanced MacOS X physical memory analysisAdvanced malare analysis labAlien Autopsy rev. 2008
An Analysis of the iKee.B (Duh) iphone BotnetAndroid Reverse Engineering - A Kick StartAnti-Anti Dump and Nonintrusive Tracers
Anti-debugging trick: ZwSetInformationThread with ThreadHideFromDebuggerBasic OSX crackingBeginners Guide to Basic Linux Anti Anti Debugging Techniques
Binary Auditor Crackmes/ReversemesBreaking Mac OS XCapture, care and analysis of Malware made easy
Class-dumpCoDe ReMe solutionCode Obfuscation and Malware Detection by Abstract Interpretation
Conficker C P2P Protocol and ImplementationCreating Keygens for Cocoa ApplicationsCryptexec: next-generation runtime binary encryption
DEX EDUCATION 201 ANTI-EMULATIONDebugging a faulty application with IDA ProDex Education: Practicing Safe Dex - Python script for Reverse dns search in a subnet (dns brute force)Embedded ELF Debugging : the middle head of CerberusFirmware reversing : Netgear DG834PN
Forensic discovery - Malware analysis basicsGDB Reference CardHaving fun with Apples IOKit
How to Solve Crackmes for Dummies in VideoHow to use OtoolInfecting the Mach-O object format
Intermediate Intel x86: Architecture, Assembly, Applications, & AlliterationIntro to OS X ReversingIntroduction To Reverse Engineering Software
Introduction to assembly on the PowerPCIntroductory Intel x86: Architecture, Assembly, Applications, & AlliterationLinux Improvised Userland Scheduler Virus
Linux anti-debugging techniques (fooling the debugger)Linux on the Half-ELFMacOS X Assembler Reference
Malware Analysis: Environment Design and ArchitectureManual binary mangling with radareMass Malware Analysis: A Do-It-Yourself Kit
Next generation debuggers for reverse engineeringOSX Cracking 101OSX cracking 102
OSX cracking 103PDF - Vulnerabilities, Exploits and MalwaresPeacomm.C: Cracking the nutshell
Pinczakko's guide to Award BIOS reverse engineeringPortable Executable File Format – A Reverse Engineer ViewPractical malware analysis
Primer on Android OS ReversingProcess Dump and Binary ReconstructionRE:Trace Applied Reverse Engineering on OS X
Remote Debugging using VMWareRemote Debugging with IDA ProResolving ELF Relocation Name / Symbols
Reverse-Engineering MalwareReverse Engineering/Mac OS XReverse Engineering the newest Facebook invite virus
Reversing Malware: Analysis of the worm "Tibick.D"Rootkits: What they are, and how to find themSilver Needle in the Skype
Solving 4 easy unpackmesSolving pnluck's x64 CrackMeState Of Malware: Family Ties
Stealth MBR RootkitStepping with GDB during PLT uses and .GOT fixupStop fishing and start keygenning!
Stuxnet's Rootkit (MRxNet) into C++Subverting Windows7 x64 kernel with DMA attacksSubverting Windows Embedded CE 6 Kernel
Super-secret debug capabilities of AMD processors !Swimming into hostile code: Gamethief.Win32.MaganiaTDL3 - Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face ..
TIEP SolutionTLS-CallBacks and preventing debugger detection with IDA ProThe "Ultimate" anti debugging reference
The Life of BinariesThe Molecular Virology of Lexotan32: Metamorphism IllustratedThe Viral Darwinism of W32.Evol
Trusted platforms module (TPM), openssl and ecryptfs tutorialTutorial: SEH Based Exploits and the Development ProcessTutorial mutual authentication - trusted platform module (TPM) - apache2 - openssl
Underhood on Armadillo License RemovalUnderstanding Linux ELF RTLD internalsUndocumented trick : Direct access to Physical Memory on AMD K7
Unpacking MPRESS 1.07 (x64)Unpacking PESpin x64 Pre-AlphaUnpacking deroko's x64 UnpackMe
Unwrapping a Flash Video Executable (exe2swf)Usb (hhbcddropper) analysisUsing Memory Breakpoints with your Loaders
Using OllyDbg as an API loggerVirut.A Malware Analysis PaperVisual Debugging with IDA - The Interactive Disassembler
Win32 Portable Executable Packing UncoveredWriting a loader for an application packed with an unknown packer:X64 Disassembling Primer and fixing obfuscated APIs
X86/Win32 Reverse Engineering Cheat SheetX86 Disassembly Using C and Assembly Language