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Intro to OS X Reversing

Item name: Intro to OS X Reversing
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Author: KellogS                        
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Last updated: May 2007
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Description: This knowlegde base article introduces to OS X reversing.

1 0.0 Intro
2 0.1 Tools of the trade
3 0.2 Mac Applications (or what the hell is a ".app" ?)
4 0.3 Dashcode
5 0.4 A few things about x86 assembly language
6 0.5 Locating code in the dead listing
7 0.6 Altering the program flow
8 0.7 Assembling new opcode
9 0.8 modifying our target in a hexadecimal editor
10 0.9 Writing a small patcher in C
11 0.A Conclusion
12 0.B Greetings
13 0.C Appendix
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