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Embedded ELF Debugging : the middle head of Cerberus

Item name: Embedded ELF Debugging : the middle head of Cerberus
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Author: The ELF shell crew                        
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Last updated: January 8, 2005
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Description: I. Hardened software debugging introduction
a. Previous work & limits
b. Beyond PaX and ptrace()
c. Interface improvements
II. The embedded debugging playground
a. In-process injection
b. Alternate ondisk and memory ELF scripting (feat. linkmap)
c. Real debugging : dumping, backtrace, breakpoints
d. A note on dynamic analyzers generation
III. Better multiarchitecture ELF redirections
a. CFLOW: PaX-safe static functions redirection
b. ALTPLT technique revised
c. ALTGOT technique : the RISC complement
d. EXTPLT technique : unknown function postlinking
e. IA32, SPARC32/64, ALPHA64, MIPS32 compliant algorithms
V. Constrained Debugging
a. ET_REL relocation in memory
b. ET_REL injection for Hardened Gentoo (ET_DYN + pie + ssp)
c. Extending static executables
d. Architecture independant algorithms
VI. Past and present
VII. Greetings
VIII. References
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