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Cryptexec: next-generation runtime binary encryption

Item name: Cryptexec: next-generation runtime binary encryption
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Author: Zeljko Vrba                        
Home URL:
Last updated: 2005
Version (if appl.):
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Description: 1 Introduction
2 OS- and hardware-assisted tracing
3 Userland tracing
3.1 Provided API
3.2 High-level description
3.3 Actual usage example
3.4 XDE bug
3.5 Limitations
3.6 Porting considerations
4 Further ideas
5 Related work
5.1 ELFsh
5.2 Shiva
5.3 Burneye
5.4 Conclusion
6 References
7 Credits
A Appendix: source code
A.1 crypt_exec.S
A.2 cryptfile.c
A.3 test2.c

"What is binary encryption and why encrypt at all? For the answer to
this question the reader is referred to the Phrack#58 [1] and article
therein titled "Runtime binary encryption". This article describes a
method to control the target program that doesn't does not rely on
any assistance from the OS kernel or processor hardware. The method
is implemented in x86-32 GNU AS (AT&T syntax). Once the controlling
method is devised, it is relatively trivial to include on-the-fly
code decryption."
Related URLs:
Reverse Engineering Shiva by Chris Eagle:

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