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Capture, care and analysis of Malware made easy

Item name: Capture, care and analysis of Malware made easy
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Author: Blake McNeill                        
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Last updated: January 3, 2007
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Description: This article describe the process of setting up an environment with Virtual PC 2007 to capture malware on Windows. Although being quite old it is interesting to see an alternative to VMWare.

"One of the best ways to learn about something is to play with it and see what it does and how it behaves in a controlled environment. This also applies to learning about worms and viruses, but the problem with doing this is typically the computer you used to experiment with was trashed in the process and rebuilding a computer from scratch can be a huge hassle. Now if could simply drop the now infected computer in the garbage when you were done playing, and with no cost, then there would be very little preventing you from learning about malware, if you so wished."
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