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A Journey to the Center of the Rustock.B Rootkit

Item name: A Journey to the Center of the Rustock.B Rootkit
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Author: Frank Boldewin                        
Home URL:
Last updated: January 20, 2007
Version (if appl.): 1.0
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Description: "You try to look innocent, but what's behind the curtain? Whatever you hide or pretend will be detected - this is certain!" On 27th December 2006 I found a sample of the Rustock.B Rootkit at, which was only sparsely analyzed at this time. I was keen to study its behaviour, as I’ve heard a lot of stories about this infamous Rootkit. Rustock included several techniques to obfuscate the driver which could be stumbling blocks for the researcher. Analyzing the binary was quite fun. Recalling the work I’ve done over the last few days, it is clear that Rustock is quite different from most other Rootkits I’ve seen in the past. It is not much because Rustock uses new techniques, but rather because it combines dozens of known tricks from other malware which makes it very effective.
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